Dear Men, Here is How To Nail Your First Date!

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Dear Men, Here is How To Nail Your First Date!

Well, let’s just say that you have been going to this guitar classes for about a month now and there is a super cute girl who gives you butterflies in your stomach. What do you do? How do you take her on a date? Directly go and ask her out? Well, you could do that but there are very less chances that it will work. And once it fails, you are never gonna get her because you have just repelled her away by asking her out too soon. You gotta take it slow, have patience and try one move at a time to reach the point where you can actually ask her out. You need to make a good rapport with faint signals of attraction from your side and look for her response in order to successfully ask her out on a date! She should know, you mean business and you are not just another guy hitting on her. We have got you some tips here to enhance your game! Read on fellas!

1. Plan the date!

When you go out on a date, you need to plan everything. From the clothes you’re gonna wear to the place you’re gonna go and whatnot. Be ready with where and when the date will be. Remember, women love when men take charge of the situation and lead. You could go to a movie date but then there will be no talking in the darkness and yeah right, like you’re gonna make out on the first date. LOL. So pick a place somewhat nice and calm where you can look in her eyes and woo the hell out of her! You need to connect to her on an emotional level and genuinely be interested when she is saying. So, pick a peaceful place with moderate privacy like a coffee shop or a romantic restaurant! The place should be a date place and should be soothing and slightly romantic at the same time with some light hearted music playing in the background. You can also go for bowling, mini gold, table tennis, beer pong, game centre etc. where you can laugh about your poor golf and gaming skills even if you don’t have anything in common to talk about. Also, be kind enough to ask if you should pick her up from her place for the date. If she says yes, then show up with flowers right at time. (Don’t get red roses, okay maybe one or two surrounded by bunch of other flowers!)

2. Talk your heart out!

Okay, now once you are there; she said yes already and wanna be with you right there and then. So, don’t bore her and put her in awkward situations. Don’t let the conversation stop. Keep taking and asking her questions about herself, her friends, hobbies etc. Don’t let her feel like she is being interrogated. It is a give and take thing, you see. You ask something and get a reply and then you tell something about yourself related to the same topic even without her asking. Make her feel special and let her know that you are interested in her and only her by avoiding any distractions around the place and look her right in the eyes with a broad smile! Be creative, funny, a little bit flirty while you talk and contain the conversation very casually. And remember, always give a compliment! Women love when her efforts of looking beautiful pay off. Notice something very unique in her (like color of her eyeliner or her cute hairband or something) and give a smooth compliment!

3. Be confident

Be a gentleman and hold open the door for her. Sure, she must be an independent woman but you need to treat her like a queen if you wanna be her king. Do not freak out. She probably has said yes to you because along with the other things, she liked your confidence too. And she is here! Be confident in what you say. Sit in an upright position and look directly in her eyes while you say something. Maintaining a good body language is important because 80% of the talking you do is through your body language. If it’s not right, she will know that you are nervous and under confident. And if you can stop trembling or feeling nervous, you might as well directly be honest to her and say something like “Gosh! You are looking so beautiful that it is making me nervous!’. Trust me, she will appreciate your honesty.

4. Offer to pay!

Don’t hold back when the waiter gets the check. Pay for the date and be a gentleman. Even if she refuses, you must insist on paying it full. If she is really being independent and still want to pay for herself, let her. This shows that you care for her and you value what she says.

5. Say goodbye!

After all is said and done, when it’s time to say good bye, don’t hold back on a handshake, hug or a kiss and leave her standing awkwardly. Take the charge and go for it and she’ll definitely play along. Be a gentleman and ask if you could drop her to her place. If she says yes, then drop her off and say the goodbye at her door. If she says no, at least offer to call her a cab or something. Tell her to just buzz you once she reaches home safely. And if you had a good time, don’t wait over all those stupid 3 day rules. Just tell her the next day that you had a great time and wanna hangout again whenever possible.

Have a good one fella! Go ahead and make her all yours and tell us how it worked out for you. We’re all ears!

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