10 Things About Guys That Girls Don’t Know

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10 Things About Guys That Girls Don’t Know

It is quite common that a girl would say that she knows her guy, and the guy would say ‘It is hard to understand women’. There are ample numbers of things that we don’t know about each other, we guys might not know that a WWE Fight might excite a girl, and girls you don’t know a lot of things about us. So today we have summed up 10 Things guys do that we would never want you to know. (Sorry bros!)

1. We Gossip!

We guys gossip more than girls do! We know everything about everyone. Who broke up with whom, who is cheating, who is going to give which exam and who is moving out of state, Kiski mummy ne kisko dhoya and kyu dhoya!, We know EVERYTHING!

2. We are not all into rap and hip hop, we have our girl jams as well!

Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Coldplay might be our favourite. But every guy has his private girl jam that they would die for. For e.g., ADELE is Love. Queen B- Beyonce! We love ‘em as well!

3. You have your girl-friends, we have our bros!

But we keep it as low-key as possible. You guys might break-up, but once a bro, always a bro! We love our bros more than we love anything else, and we would do anything to see our bro happy! (not exactly, but we can beat the shit out of him and he would still love us, so…)

4. Men can also be Feminists.

It is not necessary that you must be a woman to be a feminist. We understand the issue, and we support feminism as well, even we can gather up and march for your rights and of gender equality. ‘Feminazism’ is what we hate.

5. We also care about our looks.

We care about our looks, and we always will. Especially , our hair! A man loves his hair more than a woman. Daily, we have our routine, which you’ll never know. Only negative point we have is, Winters, kon nahata hai winter me? Kitni thaand hoti hai pata hai? But then, what are deos made for, right?

6. We get nervous.

Before dates, before talking to the girl we don’t know anything about, before having a look of our crush, before any interrogation session in class or work, WE GET NERVOUS AF!

7. We think about our future.

This is a serious one, we think about our future all the time, what will we do, how will we earn money, what will happen if we sleep for 24 hours straight and bunk this semester off!

It’s fun sometimes.

8. We Cry.

We have spent nights crying our heart out. We have cried when something bad happens to someone we love, human or animal. We cry when the girl we love or like, leaves us because ‘we are not meant for each other’. We also have a sensitive side, we just choose not to show it.

9. Not all of us hate shopping.

Apparently, when we shop, we take 15-30 minutes to get inside the mall, and get outside of it. We are clear when it comes to our choice. We love shopping, what we hate is, hours and hours of wait. (P.S. We prefer online shopping.)

10. We have a heart!

This one is for the feminazis. We have a heart, we get hurt when you defame us for no reason, we get hurt when due to some perverts; you hate us. You compare yourself with us, when we didn’t even ask you to. We never said that you are below or above us, you are equal to us! And we will never hesitate to protect you, and when time comes or need arises, we expect you to protect us too, if not, where is the equality?

There are many things you don’t know about us and will never know about us, we only wish for you to understand, and one more thing, read the 8th and 10th point again.

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