10 Reasons To Watch "How to Get Away with Murder"

10 Reasons To Watch “How to Get Away with Murder”

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‘How to Get Away with Murder’ the name itself is so crazy, that you are actually forced by your inner subconscious to watch it! With all the story-lines and mind-blowing twists, we can never even think of leaving such a series in between. So, here we have summed up 10 obvious yet fantastic reasons why ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ is one of the best Series on TV.

1. Annalise Keating

The name is enough. Anna, Anna-May, Professor Keating is the main protagonist of the whole damn series. Her ways of saving her kids and owning their ass is so great that she is a pleasure to watch.

2. The Cast

From Annalise… to her staff… to her students and all those who got murdered. Each and every character, whether big, or small, is excellent. Simply perfect for the role they are appearing for.

3. Homosexuality

The character Connor and Oliver share a beautiful homosexual relationship in this series, and their choice of love is not judged by any other character in the entire series. This should be learnt and accepted everywhere.

4. Relationship between Annalise and her Mama. (Mom!)

The Relationship between Annalise and her mother is no real, so convincing and so natural. Whenever Annalise is in a bad situation, she goes to her mother and cries in her lap. We all love our Moms, and so does Annalise.

5. No Age Barrier

Viola Davis, who portrays Annalise Keating, is 51 years old. Shocking isn’t it? Not only Viola. But you won’t believe, that Famke Janssen is actually 52 years old and she’s hot af! Call me a pervert, but you have to accept the fact that these ladies, work and look far better than the younger generation.

6. Flashbacks and Flash forwards

Half of the season shows Flash-forwards whereas the other half shows Flashbacks which are pretty nasty and shocking. The original story revolves in these epic Flashbacks and Flash-forwards. Keeps us intact, right?

7. You can’t figure anything out.

As you continue watching the episode, you think you have figured out the actual plot of the season, but the last 10 minutes of each and every episode bring so epic and excruciating plot-twists which lets you know that the show owns your ass!

8. Murders

Obvious, isn’t it? Lila Stangard, Sam Keating, Rebecca Sutter, Emily Sinclair, and many more to come in the upcoming seasons or episodes. Nobody knows who will die next. Or who will kill next. ‘Cause basically everyone from the main cast is either a murderer or an accessory to it.

9. Different Cases

Every episode comes with a different case, along with the main plot obviously. Either someone kills someone using Viagra (Yes! You read that right.) or someone commits suicide forcefully. Either way, as we already said, someone dies.

10. Boldness

“Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” She meant, it’s pic. This show is epic, with crazy hot scenes (and bisexual as well) and epic and bold dialogues, it occupies a place in our heart, and mind permanently

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ with the murders, cases, flashbacks and flash-forwards, Epic Bold Dialogues and Crazy Hot Scenes will win your heart in the first episode itself. You know that if you follow it and if you don’t what the hell are you doing here? Go start watching it!

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