Karsandas Pay and Use Review

Karsandas Pay & Use Movie Review

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Chhello Divas was one of those Gujarati films which actually did well at the box office, in spite of getting leaked online. After first blockbuster film, no director in his right mind would try to play with the genre of his upcoming films. But Krishnadev Yagnik dared to try something completely different from his first film; he took a huge risk with Karsandas Pay & Use. And believe me it was totally worth it! Many people from the industry doubted director’s creative ability. This film is not only going to prove them wrong but will also leave them impressed.

Tilok and his friend Sundar run a Pay & Use toilet. Female lead Jaya bumps into Tilak and the love story begin. As Romeo and Juliet, Tilok and Jaya also have to go through a lot of struggles, challenges to knit together. The story revolves around Tilok’s fight with Jaya’s father and casteism to unite with Jaya.

Subject of the film sets it apart from all Gujarati films of current times. As rightly stated by Abhishek Jain, this film is going to become a bridge between urban and rural Gujarati cinema! Karsandas Pay & Use maybe a love story, but Krishnadev has tried to incorporate multiple messages. Casteism being the center, the film also talks about gender biases and cleanliness subtly.

Editing of the film is excellent, music is life of the film. Dialogues will make you laugh, cry and angry. Story is not unique, but storytelling will surely impress you. Screenplay of the film is brilliant. Every character of the film is given in depth detailing. Casting of the film by Abhishek Shah is brilliant! Along with lead actors Mayur Chauhan and Deeksha Joshi; Hemang Shah, Chetan Daiya and Jay Bhatt are going to leave a lasting impression on audience’ minds with their powerful performances! Entire supporting cast has given noteworthy performances.

The film’s editing, music and screenplay are three biggest assets of the film. Editor Nirav Panchal, music directors Bhargav Purohit, Kedar Upadhyay deserve much appreciation along with the writer and director Krishnadev Yagnik.

We did manage to find couple of flaws, but when whole package is rock solid who cares about the wrapping!

Karsandas Pay & Use is by far the best Gujarati film of 2017. Watch it for the performances, music, dialogues and editing. Leads Mayur Chauhan, Deeksha Joshi and supporting cast Hemang Shah, Chetan Daiya and Jay Bhatt are going to win your hearts with powerful performances. A must watch!

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Powerful performances, refreshing music, hard hitting and witty dialogues, beautiful cinematography and excellent editing make Karsandas Pay & Use a must watch movie. Go for it.

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