5 Problems Every Non-Khan Fan Has To Face!

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5 Problems a Non-Khan Fan Has To Face!

It’s really hard to survive in a world where there is existence of abundant fans of the infamous Khans. Yes, we are talking about Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. One of them is your favorite, and you hate the other two. If you are not a fan of any of the Khans mentioned above. Congratulations, this article is about you! There are dozens of problems we face, and today we have summed up such problems, to help us define them in a little easier way so, there you go…

We have to handle the drama, we literally don’t care about!

Every month, there is a new drama, new controversy, and we are here, not giving a single fuck about what is happening and what has happened, have to stay updated. Why? No genuine reason… Some of which are, Family is on it all day long, News channels find them more interesting than we do, News channels have nothing to do and many many many more.

You have really low number of friends. (Good point, no?)

Many people you know, or find interesting, break your trust or ruin your interest in them by saying, “Shah Rukh Khan… Oh my god! I Love Him!”, “Salman Bhai to bhai hai!”… or “Aamir is the best!”. You have to stay away, ‘cause they don’t actually share your interests.

You have to visit ‘Mannat’ every time you are in Mumbai.

‘Mannat’ is the proud and beautiful residence of Shah Rukh Khan, which is the dream house of every SRK fan, and visiting it is the best thing they could ever get (except meeting SRK, meeting with SRK is Crazy af for them). So when you actually have a single friend, who is actually a khan fan, and you tend to accept them by who they are, you are going to have your pic on FB with the introductory house board of ‘Mannat’ .Beautiful name, isn’t it?

You don’t have any movie plans on national holidays.

Why? You ask…? Diwali, Eid, New Year are all booked by our majestic Khans, and as it is pretty obvious that we are not into any of the Khans, we don’t find sense in their movies. Some pretty obvious examples, DHOOM 3, DABANGG, And HAPPY NEW YEAR. Don’t you say we are wrong here!

You can’t accept that you actually like one of their movies.

No matter how much bad their movies are, by bad we mean that they make no sense and the examples are given above, but once in a blue moon, they give us a movie that we fall in love with, or like as we can say. E.g. BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN, PK, DEAR ZINDAGI. We actually appreciate them. Well that is obvious, it’s not like we hate them, it’s just that we aren’t crazy about them.

We don’t criticize the fans, and we don’t hate the 3 KHANS, but we are not crazy about them like many people in India, We don’t wear specially made bracelets or copy hair styles. We stay as we like, and there are no fashion trends for us (Trust us, we cry). But we like some of the KHAN Movies, we sincerely request the KHANS to make more sensible movies and inspire us, rather than just entertaining us!

Non Khan fan, and wishes to speak up few more problems, or incidents you faced? OR a khan fan, who doesn’t agree with any of the above points? Do share your views in the comments section below!

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