10 Cool Reasons Why You Should Smoke

10 Cool Reasons Why You Should Smoke!

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You do love the smoke flowing through and in front of you, don’t you? There are dozens of articles out there who would be informing you about the bad effects of smoking? But today, we have brought you 10 benefits of smoking, cause we know you love your cigarettes, have a look!

1. Paisa Paisa!

Cigarettes went from Rs. 10/piece to Rs. 15/piece in no time. But your love for her is far more than your love for money. Vaise bhi kya farak padta hai, Baap ka toh paisa hai! Phoonko!

2. Yellow Teeth, Yay!

‘Cause white teeth are too mainstream.

3. Wrinkles!

Everyone would say that wrinkles make you look old. But no, we like to think it as, it makes us look wiser. Because the more you grow, the wiser you are. And wrinkles and cigarettes come as a combo offer. Jalsa!

4. Improper Breathing.

Breathing normally is what every sensible person on earth is doing right now. And you, You my friend, are one in a million, so how can you breathe like every other common person on the earth. We know you needed this! And that’s why you ruined your lungs, for improper breathing. We understand!

5. Same taste, everywhere!

Cigarettes give you a superpower, of turning everything tasteless, or we can say of the same taste. Whatever it is, it’s a superpower. It will be your favorite taste, isn’t it obvious by now?

6. Gives you more mass!

Arey bhai kuch zyada mil raha hai, lelo! By more mass we mean, more mass to your body, i.e. TUMORS. Exciting, isn’t it?

7. You get tired early.

It’s a good thing. Trust us, you can get out from unwanted gym sessions and running or even walking, because you are tired! Hua na fayda?

8. You look cool af!

You are standing there, well dressed, sunglasses on, wrinkled skin, gray hair with hints of black hair, a cigarette in your hand and smoke coming out of your mouth! What girl wouldn’t get attracted to this much hotness dude? You know this very well that girls love smoke of cigarette, and it’s smell, right? RIGHT!?

9. You make new friends.

Paan wala bhaiya and other paan wale bhaiyas are your new friends, because you are a regular and your other non-smoker friends left you? But fuck them right? Who cares? You got your best bud, Paan wala bhaiya!

10. Fulfills your wish!

Which wish are we talking about? Your death wish, Cigarettes are like genies, they fulfill your only wish, death! And the thing that gives us what we want is our best friend. Love them, don’t ya?

Don’t be stupid! Gray Hair, wrinkled skin, no teeth, breathing problems and many more things which we didn’t define here, will be caused by your best friend, cigarettes. Leave them while you still have the chance. Suffer a little now, so that you don’t have to suffer later. And for those who don’t understand sarcasm, dude, why?

Sanjay Khubchandani
Loves Everything, except Humans.