20 Quotes by Savi Sharma That Are Larger Than Life!

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Savi Sharma Quotes

‘Everyone has a Story’ stole my heart, inspired me and made me fall in love with Savi Sharma and her writing. Savi Sharma did an exceptionally great work with EHAS, and now with TINYS (This is not your story). The way she moulds each and every sentence in the book, inspires you and makes you want to think, about your story. Today, we have gathered some quotes by Savi Sharma that might help you relate and understand your situation, have a look.


Everyday, I woke up, I tried to find reasons to live. Everyday, when I slept, I tried to find reasons to not die. Every moment, I tried to find reasons to hope, dream and love. But I never found them. Until I met you.


Sometimes, you do not write your story, it writes you.

You don’t choose your story, it chooses you.

But would you believe it if someone told you, ‘This Is Not Your Story’? Would you have the courage to rewrite it?


I am still not sure what my purpose really is. But I do know that there are days I want to escape the life I am living and grab my bags and just travel.


You can be afraid, depressed. Life can be unfair. I think the easier thing is to give up – it is far harder to keep going. Find the strength.


Won’t you get lonely?

Maybe. Maybe I will. But a person needs to learn how to be alone.


Don’t give me a forever. Give me an always.


In the end, we always regret the choices we didn’t make, the love we didn’t accept and the dreams we didn’t fight for.


Trust your story, it will have a beautiful ending. An end well-earned, an end well-deserved.


Friends say goodbye to each other. Friends talk. Friends explain things. If your idea of friendship is just walking out one day, you need to go back to school and learn what it really means to have friends.


Love hard and forgive mistakes.
Not only other peoples’ mistakes, but your own as well.


It’s our misconception – most of the time – that we live our lives the way we want. Every single step that we take is influenced by others. Only the part that we hide from everyone else and keep deep within our heart, is our own.


Every single day, another page is added and as one book finishes, another one starts.


When feelings are pure and the heart is true, even God is forced to change destiny.


Everyone has a story to tell, everyone is a writer. Some are written in the books and some are confined to hearts.


Maybe you are the universe out there which I explore, or the universe in me that I seek.


We were in different places around the world, and you can call it silly, but it felt as if we were still connected by each sunrise and each sunset.


Money comes with a price, and for me, the price is both freedom and a real life.


Life is about twist and turns. It is about experiencing everything and anything it throws your way. Some people are here to teach us lessons while other people will be here forever as we grow old together.


It’s not a story and maybe it’s not love. It’s about something more real than stories and more powerful than love. It’s about you. Yes, you. Real and powerful.


Some women can steal your heart by their beauty, some can steal your mind by their intelligence and others can steal your soul by their presence. But if you meet the one who can steal your everything without doing anything, that’s the one made for you.

We love you, Savi!

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