10 Things You Are Used To If You Have A Sibling

10 Things You Are Used To If You Have A Sibling

1. Sharing

Yeh to sirf naam ka hai- in reality, you grumble and make war expressions with your siblings as you lend them your stuff! Also, they come with more instructions of use than when you buy the stuff! Reluctant though- you’ve got to share!

2. Compassion

You sympathize with them at times and connect with them the most because you’re the only ones who knows what it is to be them- you’ve literally been in their shoes and know them even better than they know themselves! Compassion is bound to follow- don’t you think?

3. Counting at company at social gatherings

The best advantage of having a sibling- next to all the free stuff. At oh-so-boring social gatherings, they are the you go to as you discuss the outfits of your relatives and check out the guys/girls your age! There is a rule in my family- if my sister is not going to the gathering, so am I! We’re a package deal- as one cannot survive without the other!

4. Gossiping about the world

Late night talks, Whatsapp forwards, screenshots of the things you cannot show anyone else, discussing everything from Kim Kardashian’s bum to your latest dates, from “What colour is the dress?” to “What DID happen before we were born?” Siblings gossip about everything under the sun!

5. No privacy!

If you have a sibling, you know this one! They’ve seen you in your most embarrassing moments, open your phone without asking, and informs you that your latest date has the following history even as you’re still getting to know them! Forget privacy- they even know what you’ve deleted in your browser history!

6. Saviours on boring/ bad dates

You just call them to be a nagging sister, or an unwelcome (to the date) friend, as you bring them along when you do not want the date to be long! When you tell your date confidently that you’ll hitch a ride and that you have to go “urgently as you have a family crisis”, you simply are texting them “Bored. Pick me up asap.”

7. “Mature” advice

The older siblings are proud to dole over all the “knowledge” that they’ve gained just because they’re older! Even if it was the older TWIN, they will not hesitate to tell you “Trust me, I know how this works” and show off all their skills even when you know they have skills of a donkey.

8. Public refusal of caring

You would NEVER admit how much you love them- no, you’re so annoying and so irritating and get out of my room! You relate to all the fight videos of siblings online.

9. Secret caring

BUT secretly nobody could love them more than you. Nobody. Not even your parents- as you’re a better parent to your siblings at times than they are, sometimes! You leave money for them when you know they’re going out and do background work on their boyfriend/ girlfriends and if someone dare lay a finger on them, they’re dead!

10. Tagging him/ her in all things sibling related

Some of the people I know have blocked their siblings simply because every time they relate to a sibling-related post online, they tag their siblings! Even I tag my sister in all kinds of stuff- even if it is a video of a baby falling on his face! So go on, if you relate or even if you just want to nag them, tag them in this article!

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