Dear Women, Here is How To Nail Your First Date!

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Dear Women, Here is How To Nail Your First Date!

Who thinks that only men get nervous for their first date? Even we have shivers! Even we overthink about a thousand different things- what to wear, how to talk, and how the date could go in so many ways, trust us, we’ve probably thought of all the scenarios. We’ve probably texted all our best friends with “What if this happens?” and “Should I bring this topic up or not?” and of course, the dress options. That’s what we all normally do, but here’s how to nail your first date (pun unintended) perfectly:

1. Do not overdo it.

Not with the makeup, not with the clothes, and not with the jewelry. Not with the enthusiasm, not with the sarcasm, not with the “cute” behavior (you know what I’m talking about!) Guys get attracted to simplicity- your makeup should dazzle him, not blind him! Keep it minimal but look fantastic, which will give you the confidence for the date.

2. Be yourself.

Yes. Very important- do not fake it. Because if it goes well, you’ll have to conjure more lies to cover up that one simple lie- for example, that you love reading when you think it’s boring! Remember, the guy is there with you to know you. Give him an opportunity to know the real you. Be honest, be real, be yourself.

3. Ask questions.

People love to talk about themselves- it’s a well-known fact. Ask lots of questions. If anything he says interests you, express genuine interest and ask follow-up questions too. Take interest in his life, and get to know him. But remember the first point, and do not make it an interview either!

4. Take initiative.

Take charge. Be it ordering, or starting a conversation, or the first one to hold hands- do not be afraid! If you want to hold his hand, do not overthink too much and wait for him to make the first move. Take initiative, be proactive, and offer to pay the bill too- do not assume that because it is a date, he would naturally pay the bill! Even if he eventually does, offer to pay and don’t forget to thank him for the wonderful time you had.

5. Enjoy yourself.

Did we mention having a wonderful time? Yes, dates are supposed to be amazing. So, make it amazing! Enjoy yourself without being too conscious, or nervous, or clingy. If there’s live music and you feel like dancing, go do it! Laugh your heart out at his jokes. Compliment him and enjoy him blushing. Smile a lot. Order and experiment new food together. Do not hold back and not enjoy, because it would show on your face. Enjoy yourself and have an amazing date!

Have a great date, ladies! Go knock them out, out-wit them, and charm them! Tell us how it went- we’re all ears!

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