10 Things About Girls That Guys Don’t Know

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10 Things About Girls That Guys Don't Know

The world’s most confusing species, aren’t we? Our yes can mean a yes and it can mean a no and it can also mean a maybe, you know? When we tell you to leave, we want you to protest to stay! (Have you seen 13 reasons why? 😝) When we drop subtle hints, it’s because we want you to notice a minute change in our appearance that isn’t even always visible to the naked eye! Most of the times, even we don’t know what we want! After lots (some) research and asking my guy friends, I’ve compiled a cheat sheet to help you navigate through the troubled waters that is a relationship with a girl- any relationship. Go ahead, decode!

1. Not all of us like roses.

Because they’re cliched. Some women LOVE orchids, because they’re rare and beautiful, but the trick with roses is to get the colour right- remember, white is for peace, yellow for friendship, and red for love! They’ll know that so do not screw up and if your girl isn’t a flowers and hearts type, skip the flowers altogether.

2. Some of us get offended if you always pick up the cheque.

Not because we’re feminists. Doing it on the first date is fine, but doing it always irritates us. We do not want to depend on anyone for our food and can pay for our share. Do not overreact and be so firm in paying the bill that you lose the girl- it’s better to go Dutch at times.

3. Not all of us are feminazis.

We might be feminists, the educated ones who fight for equal rights and not the “women are better than men” feminazis who hate all men. No, we do not think all of you are pigs. Come talk to us. We’ll sometimes even sympathise on you for the reservation and perks we get at times for being a woman.

4. We’d rather stay at home and order in pizza then (sometimes!) get ready for a date.

Do you know how much time it takes to shave our legs? And do makeup? And look amazing? Hours! We’d rather just order in some pizza and wine (or coke), sit in our pajamas with you, and watch reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

5. A date need not always be fancy.

Some girls like high-end fancy schmoozy places to eat, while some girls get really unconfortable in those places. Some of us are more of a burger, pizza and coke type, while some even appreciate having their first date in a sports restaurant!

6. We don’t always look for a knight in shining armour.

Not every girl wants to be a damsel in distress. You do not need to save us all the time. Remember Four/Tobias from Divergent? Believe in our strength and let us deal with our shit ourselves at times.

7. We appreciate it when you notice something different.

The hair, the makeup, the decorations, the dress, or even the manner in which we behave with you- we don’t always expect you to notice, which is how you get an upper hand and get the woman pleasantly surprised by noticing and complimenting her on a change.

8. We probably (always) have a secret crush that no one knows about.

Not even our best friends.

9. We don’t always want you to do what we tell you to do.

Right? Because when we say leave, we want you to protest and cuddle and stay! Our mock fights are to be resolved in more love at the end! We pretend to be irritated but love it if you do something special for us!

10. We don’t always want you to do the opposite of what we tell you to do.

Equally true. Sometimes “leave” does mean she wants you to leave. And when she says that she doesn’t see this working out, she’s not playing hard to get, she is just not interested. Do not scratch your head so much and always do the opposite of what she tells us- she might even smack you in your head if you always read her wrong!

With all this knowledge and wisdom out there, we hope you have better luck decoding us. Remember, even we haven’t figured ourselves out completely! So see, hope for you guys! All the best and let us know which tip helped the best 🙂

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