Everything An Indian Bride Needs For Her Wedding Day

Everything An Indian Bride Needs On Her Wedding Day

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You big day is here! You will be dolled up for your prince charming. Are you nervous about it? I am sure you will be, but try not to bring that nervousness on your face. You should look fresh and confident. Do not stress yourself in unnecessary matters.

Here is a list of things that should be ready before your big day so that you do not mess up in between.


Always keep important contact details about your hair stylist, make-up artist, clothes stylist and photographer with you. Call them a day before and reconfirm the time with them.


Cosmetics like foundation, lipstick, blush and kajal should be kept handy. Maybe some products that are used by the make-up artist may not suit your skin. We know you do not want to lose your natural look.


While getting your make-up done, have some reference pictures with you. Show it to the artist and take his/her opinion. At the end, they know what looks the best.


Do not forget to take water and energy drinks/snacks so that you do not get tired and turn dull. Also take straws along so it will be comfortable for you to drink as you would not want to spoil your lipstick.


Have a pack of tissues, cotton swabs and a mini bottle of make-up remover in case of emergency.


Make sure that the heels you wear are comfortable so that you do not get bitten in your feet. Just in case if you are not sure, keep band aids handy or stick them in the area where you think you may get bitten.


Make sure your phone is charged. I am sure you do not want it to turn off when important things have to take place. Keep a standby power bank fully charged so that you do not cut off from others.


Have a small bottle of perfume with you and wear it once you are ready. It will be really amazing if it is the one your fiancé gifted you or the one he likes. Your prince charming will really love you for the little things you do for him


Keep a strip of painkillers handy as those pins keeping your hair in place are really painful as your head gets heavy.


Keep your bridal wear ready for the big day. Make sure you have everything set.

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