10 Things About Internship That No One Will Tell You

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10 Things About Internship That No One Will Tell You

It’s what school students look forward to- because work experience! Pay! Finally a step in the goal of standing on your own feet and becoming self-sufficient! But if you’re a college student or older, you know how it really is- a mixed bag of sorts! For all those who are looking for or are in internships, we’ve listed down 10 things about internships that no one would tell you, which you only know once you’ve been in one (or many!):

1. It’s either no work.

You have time to paint your nails, play lots of games and set all your high scores in video games, or do not even need to go to work! It is when your bosses encourage you, “Arey, tum to abhi intern ho! Ghumo firo kaam hum kar lenge!”

2. Or it’s too much work.

Or you’re at the opposite end of the deal. You’re overloaded with work because who doesn’t like an underpaid worker whom you can load with because “experience”? And the best part of it all? Just when you’re about to leave, your boss remembers some important work that HAS to be finished by today!

3. It’s almost always unpaid.

Because we’re giving you “exposure” and “practical experience”! But you have to have minimum work experience before you get paid, so you work to get work which pays.

4. Or if it’s paid, it’s so less you can barely afford a pizza.

Your friends in different internships muse over the choice of getting no pay at all or getting the pay that’s laughable.

5. You’re told to “look for opportunities”

Invent work! Research till you drop! Read books, Watch videos, Look around and talk to people! This is a good thing in internships, but when it coincides with no work even after all this knowledge, it is basically all study and no work.

6. The bigger the name, lesser the important work.

Peers in internships would agree. You could always boast about getting to work in such an important company but only you know how less is the work you are assigned, and almost always it is the kind of work that makes no difference in the overall situation.

7. You can ALWAYS finish a TV show. Or loads of movies. Because no work.

When you’re left with nothing else to do, many interns handle two internships at the same time. Or catch up on their TV shows. Or catch a movie. Anything to get out of the boredom!

8. It’s always “gaining experience”, no matter how old you are.

Remember Chandler Bing in his marketing internship? If you’re changing fields or are a graduate with almost no work experience, no one shall hire you. So work to get work!

9. BYOB- Or in this case, bring your own laptop and internet.

Yes. Because the systems are for employees- but what about the internet? In a world of freedom, (sometimes) you don’t even get the company WiFi’s password!

10. Still, you’ll load up on them in your college times.

Despite everything, for the purpose on enhancing your CV, or “gaining experience”, or simply for the sake of work, internships are an amazing thing. It is like the trial period of work- plus, you can work in many fields before you choose! So this is our internship experience. What’s yours?

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