10 Things Kids Used To Do Before The Internet Took Over

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10 Things Kids Used To Do Before The Internet Took Over

Can you imagine living without internet once again? The internet has totally changed our lifestyle and the perspective of communication. Nowadays it is so hard for us to leave home without our phone…and when we are at home, we usually stay glued to the Wi-Fi. It may be hard for some of us to remember what we did before the internet took over our life, but the people born before and in the early 1990s are surely going to go down the nostalgia trip reading all this.

Here are the things we did when we did not have access to the internet and I am sure these were the best days.


We had a jumbo eraser on which we would carve out or write YES and NO on both the sides. This would always help us make decisions.


We spent quality time with our family by watching television together, going on weekend picnic with family and close relatives and we had a verbal conversation with them instead of talking over the phone or any social media platform.


Instead of downloading movies and television series from Torrentz (extremely sad that it is not there anymore), we went to video shops to hire movies and television cassettes.


Whenever we for trips with either friends or family, we carried a paper map instead of having a GPS tracking system.


We looked for people number in the phone diary or the big fat directory.


During school group projects, we used to meet up at the library or gather at someone’s place unlike nowadays.


When a new album of our favorite singer was out, we went to the music store to buy the CD as we did not have the luxury of instant download.


We wrote long letters to our favorite celebrities hoping to get a reply from them.


No YouTube meant we had to see our favorite television show live when it was aired.


We only got one source of news in a day which was the newspapers.

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