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Control Your Home From Anywhere With Your Phone!

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What if we tell you, you can now control electronics of your home from anywhere using your phone? Interesting, right?

Imagine you’re riding a two wheeler in soaring hit of Summer noon, running towards home and there’s no one home to switch on the AC for you. You can’t do anything. But what if I tell you, you can switch on the AC using your phone before you reach the home. Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Now imagine this. You are going out on a vacation with your family. You have reached halfway to your destination and you realize that you’ve forgotten to switch off the AC! What do you do? Can you think of any other option than going back to your home and switching off the AC? No. But now, you can switch off the AC right from your phone. Sounds amazing?

Our friends at Picostone have developed a product, using which you can control your entire home from an app in your phone. From TV to AC to lights to fans, you can manage and control every electronics device using Picostone app. Not only switching on and off, but you can also manage fan speed and AC temperature with this app. Impressed yet?

Picostone Basic

Picostone Basic Home Automation DeviceThe little device you can see here is called Picostone Basic. You have to embed this device with your switch board, which takes hardly 5 minutes for electrician and 10 minutes for a layman. Yes, a layman can install it too. After embedding this device with your switch board, you’ll have to install Picostone app in your smartphone and configure your app with the installed device. Which will take another 2 minutes. And you are good to go. In less than 15 minutes, you can automate your home using Picostone basic.

Technical Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 230V/50Hz
  • Output Voltage: 230V/50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 1W
  • Input Voltage for Switches: 230V/50Hz
  • Dimensions: 87mm X 57mm X 22mm


  1. You can add users and decide which user will have access to which device.
  2. The product doesn’t need rewiring in your home. It just needs upgradation in your existing wiring.
  3. You can also schedule the devices! Yes, you can schedule which device to turn on or off when.
  4. Along with AC temperature, fan speed, you can also set lighting of your house in different moods. For example: setting up a romantic mode makes all the lights dimmer.
  5. Along with speed, temperature and brightness of lights, you can also manage volume of your TV or music player.
  6. You can also check usage statistics of all appliances in the app at any time.
  7. One Picostone device can connect upto 4 appliances. You can install any number of Picostone products in your home.
  8. All Picostone devices in your home can be connected with single app, meaning your entire home can be managed from single device!


What do you think this product costs? Would you believe if we say you can get Picostone Basic at just Rs.9999? Yes, in just Rs.9999 you can automate your home!

We have already got our Picostone installed, what about you? You can order your product by clicking here. Once you buy the product, don’t forget to share your review in comments below.

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