10 Things You Shouldn’t Dare To Say To A Gujarati

10 Things You Shouldn’t Dare To Say To A Gujarati

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1. What do you for a sustenance, Business?

Oh come on guys, not all Gujaratis are businessmen. They do jobs too and they relish it to the fullest. Not all Gujaratis are affluent. Those who have lands gifted to them by their antecedents are rich. But they are so many that people often generalize them as the whole state!

2. They sit around.

There is no way they would sit around. Gujaratis are hard workers. They love to have a lavish lifestyle and can go to any extent to procure it. Thus the need to have an opulent lifestyle gets them all hustling! In-fact, they curse Sundays and other holidays when they cannot go to work because it won’t make them money and waste a day in their life!

3. Che/ Cho?

It feels vexing to them when a person adds che/chu/cho after the end of every sentence and label it as Gujarati language. It’s a beautiful language of writers, poets and laureates and doesn’t deserve to be defaced like that.

4. Dhokla

It’s irking when people ask Gujaratis about the only food they known or heard about i.e. Dhokla. There are multitudinous varieties of food available in Gujarat which are just as piquant as Gujaratis themselves!

5. Do you have relatives in the US?

Shut up! Every Gujarati doesn’t have relatives outside India. Especially, in the US. Some have their relatives in Canada, London, Germany, France, Dubai and just everywhere. You name it. But then, there are some territorial Gujaratis whose entire family members are all settled in the same city! Like every one of them family members are just 5 km away from each other.

6. Your English is weak.

Gujarati’s are generally weak in English language because the ambiance of their home hails from a totally Gujarati background and don’t have single atom of English to teach or learn from. But it doesn’t really matter because Gujarati itself is a graceful language ferrying all the emotions in a blink of an eye. Sometimes, even without saying a single word! So who needs English, really?

7. There is nothing in Gujarat.

Oh yeah? How about you watch the advertise of Gujarat Tourism starring the legendary Amitabh Bachchan. The ‘Khushboo hai Gujarat ki’ sentence will precisely relate to you once when you step into Gujarat and visit many destinations that are prominent universally like the National Park in Gir, Sabarmati ashram, Somnath temple, Dwarka, Kite flying festival in Ahmedabad, Saputara and countless more!

8. It’s a dry state.

The liquor multinationals benefit the most from the state of Gujarat only. Enough said. (Side note: If you put a proscription, Humans’ penchant would be to break it.)

9. Are you a vegan?

Not at all every Gujarati is pure vegetarian. They are big time foodies and crave non vegetarian delicacies too! And at the times of festivals, they forget the meaning of the word ‘Vegetarian’ and gourmandize purely on 100% non veg food!

10. Gujarat = Narendra Modi

We all know Narendra Modi hails from Gujarat and is a Gujarati but that doesn’t mean it is the only thing that relates us to out lovely state. How about Ambanis, Irfan Pathan, Mahatma Gandhi, Sunita Williams and countless many?

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