Manan Desai spills the beans on Chor Bani Thangaat Kare!

Manan Desai spills the beans on Chor Bani Thangaat Kare!

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So Gujarati movie Chor Bani Thangaat Kare is set to hit the theaters this week. And before we catch it on the big screens, we tried to get some inside scoops from the movie from content director of the film Manan Desai.


One of the producers Reelium Films approached The Comedy Factory to make the movie two years back. “We were not that confident to take the entire weight of the movie on our shoulders, so we decided to help them out.” says Manan.


The Comedy Factory helped Reelium Films connect the dots. They played a crucial role of getting the story director and music composer on board.


Manan Desai and Ojas Rawal from The Comedy Factory have played various roles in Gujarati movies before. But this is the first time entire team of TCF will be seen in a single movie.


Rap part in the title track of the movie has been written and sung by Manan himself. Aariz Saiyed helped Manan write the rap. The rap is Manan Desai’s singing debut for a feature film.


Manan has not just sung or acted, but he is also the content director of the film and video director for the title track.


Manan was offered a role in the movie which he didn’t want to play. But producer and director convinced him and offered him creative freedom to improvise with his character. Manan is playing role of a terrorist in the film.


Ojas Rawal has played double role in the film. His second role is surprise for the audience.


Director of the film Rahul Bhole made a short film for a competition. The 5 minutes long short film was so interesting that we decided to turn it into a feature film. The short film was then instantly removed from the internet.

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Don’t forget to catch the fun ride this Friday in the theaters near you. Share your views in comments below.

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