10 Signs That You’re Done With The Rains!

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10 Signs That You're Done With The Rains

Torrential rain. Water sweeping into everything you love and hate (I’m talking about mobile phones and textbooks here, people). You’re even tired of people’s Snapchat stories now! The irritating car snaps of random music has been replaced by just one thing- snaps of rain in their areas. At least the music had some variety!

Can you relate? Are you one of us, who is done with these rains, but it seems like the rain isn’t done with us? Here are 10 signs that you’re tired AF of the rains too:

1. You no longer inform the world of the water around you.

No snaps now. No stories, no updates. Because everyone is in the same place now (water-locked in their houses).

2. You no longer feel the need to get drenched in the rain (for fun!)

Remember the time when you used to dance in the rain? Sing with your best friends? Because who knows how long it might last? Well, not anymore!

3. You actually miss going to study/ work now.

That’s when you begin getting desperate and dream of sunshine to guide you to work, some morning. You actually wake up in hope, but do not even need to look outside the window now- the rain sounds tell you to go back to sleep before you can dream further.

4. You do not need to cancel plans now.

Because the rain does it for you. You do not even have to call up your friends and say, “Hey, I cannot make it today. If I’ll get out of my house I’ll get drowned.” Because they’re in the same pool as you (See what I did there? :P)

5. Did I mention the diseases?

Do you already have a cold yet? Or a cough? Or both? Throat infection? Is there some new rain-only disease in the market now? Never mind the rains for spoiling your plans, your diseases make sure that you don’t go anyways!

6. You’re tired of entertainment now.

A plus side to this? You catch up on all your favorite shows! No more work to do, a life to live! Just snuggle in your blanket and binge on! But what when all the episodes get over and you’re left staring at a blank screen? (GoT and Suits fans, do you hear me?) Kitni der tak TV dekhoge?

7. You no longer trust the weather reports.

Because it’s either too horrifying, or too optimistic for you to believe.

8. Your choices of clothes are very selective now.

You ask yourself 2 questions before you choose clothes now: 1. Do I have the slightest chance of going out today? (Rain God laughs in the background). 2. Is it easily washable and dried? Because god help you when your clothes take days to dry off now!

9. You watch in horror as the water sweeps into your house.

Noooo! Now it has begun entering your houses too. Do you also stare in horror at the entrance of your doors, where the border of the water gently teases you? Do you mentally will it too, to not to come any closer?

10. You begin contemplating the damage done to the nature.

And I do not just mean the plight of the homeless animals in the rain. I’m also referring to the increasing abuse of nature which has led to such angry and torrential rain this year. Don’t say you’re not to blame.

Bonus point 11: You’re so tired you read everything on the internet. Till the end. Thank you for that, btw. Fingers crossed, people!

P.S. Did I forget the frequent power cuts? Or polyethene bags in all your bags? Or waterproofing everything you know? Or general complaining about rain? Do let us know if we’ve missed any points!

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