10 Things We Learned From Game Of Thrones S07E01

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10 Things We Learned From Game Of Thrones S07E01

Finally, it’s here. After the long wait of a year and 20 days, the first episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 aired. And we, like every other GoT fan, watched it as soon as we could. Episode 701, titled ‘Dragonstone’ did not disappoint us, it does not take much time for us to realize that it’s the beginning of the end. Before you go further, we would like to let you know that ‘This post is dark and full of spoilers’. If you have not watched the episode yet, turn around and stop reading, and if you have, go on.

So, here’s what we learned from Episode 701 – Dragonstone:

1. Arya is on a killing spree.

After killing Walder Frey is Season 6 Episode 10 in the exact same style Catelyn Stark was murdered, gave us a sigh of relief, and also made us curious of what she would do next. What she did was, she became Walder Frey (Perks of being faceless, eh) and killed every man of House Frey there ever was, leaving the women and children alive, because they had no part in the red wedding. Most satisfying Arya moment was what she said to Walder Frey’s wife – “When people ask you what happened here, tell them The North Remembers. Tell them Winter Came For House Frey!”

2. There are Giants in the White Walker Army.

We don’t know how, maybe during Hardhome, but the White Walkers have not 1 but 3 Giants. Giant Whites.

3. But Bran knows it, and more.

As Bran is the three-eyed raven now, he knows everything, completely opposite of what Jon Snow knows. He saw the White Walkers have Giants, he knows everything about everyone. Who fought where, who knows what, and what happened and what will happen.

4. Tension of power between Jon and Sansa.

The tension of power is there between Jon and Sansa, but not as much as the spoilers said. Sansa understands that Jon is good at ruling and he will do much better than she could, she just wants him to listen to her and not be stupid like Ned and Robb were. But Jon’s reply to that was an arrow straight in the heart , not literally, he said “How should I be smart, by listening to you?” (Ouch!)

5. Sansa knows Littlefinger.

Sansa knows exactly what Littlefinger wants, and she knows how to use him. She knows that she will turn the tables and never fall into any traps set by Baelish. Maybe Jon should listen to Sansa.

6. Cersei won’t spare anyone.

From her asking Jon to bend the knee, and Sansa accepting that ‘She has learnt a great deal from Cersei’, to her knowing the she is out there looking out for her and Jaime, and no one else matters, Cersei displays the she is eventually The Queen (and she slays!). Euron Greyjoy is out there looking for something he could gift Cersei so that she accepts his marriage proposal. We genuinely wonder what it is?

7. Sam is working really hard.

Sam is working like we work in an unpaid internship, but worse. From feeding the maesters to cleaning out their faeces, Sam does it all. But he is smart enough to ‘STEAL’ book from the restricted library area, and now knows where he could find more dragon glass. And Surprise, it’s at Dragonstone.

8. Jorah is at Citadel.

Jorah is at Citadel, waiting for the cure of grayscale. He and Sam being at the same place gives us 80% surety that it will be Sam curing Jorah’s grayscale. (We hope!)

9. The Hound saw the fate.

We know how scared The Hound is of fire, but when he saw into the fire, he saw “Ice, A Wall of Ice (The Wall), there is Sea nearby, a castle there and Mountain which looks like an arrowhead, the dead are marching past, thousands of them”. We think it signifies the east watch by the sea, when Jon is sending Free Folks to man the wall. We feel that The Wall is going to break, The White walkers will cross the wall, and many will die.

10. Daenerys is back home.

Daenerys has finally reached Dragonstone, a quiet travel which included the feeling of home, where she belongs. She removed the Stannis Banners and marked her territory. Daenerys saying “Shall we begin?” to Tyrion marked the end of the episode – “Dragonstone”.

We speculate that Jon and Dany will meet at Dragonstone, as Sam wrote to Jon about the Mountain of Dragonglass beneath Dragonstone. Arya is on her way to King’s Landing and we wish she arrives at Winterfell first. With less number of episodes, the storylines are colliding, people who never met each other are meeting, the pace of an episode is faster than before, and we are more excited than we could ever be, and we will be for 6 more weeks.

Valar Morghulis.

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