Game of Thrones S07E02 Complete Story

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Game of Thrones S07E02 Complete Story

This post is dark and full of spoilers. If you do not want to know what happens in Game of Thrones S07E02 – ‘Stormborn’ which airs on 23rd July in the US and 24th July Morning in India, please turn away right now. Here we have complete plot of the second episode.

The scenes might not be in the exact order / sequence, but we have 90% to 99% surety that the plot provided down in true, and if you read this the entire episode will be spoiled for you, and the whole plot is in a detailed manner.

So, here it goes.

1. Dragonstone

So the episode starts at Dragonstone, where Dany landed in the previous episode. Cutting to the war room, where Daenrys, Tyrion, Yara, Olenna, Ellaria, Varys, Grey Worm and Missandei are present. They are discussing the best strategy to win King’s Landing and the seven kingdoms. Yara insists on hitting King’s Landing with the full force taking them atmost a day to win it. Tyrion doesn’t agree, and instead suggests Dany to win the loyalty of lords first as Cersei already has many enemies, and Dany would not want the lord to know her as ‘The Queen of Ashes’ as well.

Dany prefers Tyrion’s approach after his convincing speech and recommends the Greyjoy Fleet to return back to Dorne along with the Sand Snakes and will hit King’s Landing once required with their fleet. She asks Olenna’s men to take Casterly Rock. The idea she uses here is to not just pillage with the huge Dothraki horde along with the Unsullied because the population at whole will not accept Dany as her new ruler, instead she wishes to win the old-fashioned way and she would not allow Dothraki to pillage and rape as it would make her look like another crazy Targaryen.

2. Dany questions Varys.

This might be the very first conversation between Dany and Varys, where she asks him where his loyalties lie. She reminds him how he and his allies once traded her off to the Dothraki like a pawn. Varys’ reply starts with letting her know how Robert was not a good King as he didn’t want it or didn’t care about it. He wants a ruler who cares for the people who live in it and not for power and glory. That’s where his true loyalties lie and she can have him executed by Grey Worm or devoured by her Dragons but he won’t pledge full loyalty because his loyalty is the streets. (Gangsta Varya eh).

3. Olenna advices something to Dany; Dany meets Melisandre.

Everyone leaves the room instead of Olenna. Olenna gives Dany ‘An Old Woman’s Advice’. She says that Tyrion is clever but she has outlasted all clever man as she has never listened to them. Olenna calls most of the people ‘sheep’, but reminds Dany that Dany isn’t a sheep, but a dragon, so Olenna asks Dany to “be a dragon!”.

Someone let’s Dany know that Melisandre has arrived. They all go and meet her. Melisandre and Dany speak in Valariyan mostly about the Red Priests in the east when Dany there. Melisandre tells Dany about the White Walkers, although doesn’t mention them specifically says ‘a big evil’ is coming. Melisandre alludes to the fact that Dany could be the Prince that was Promised. Dany reminds Melisandre that she is not a prince but a queen, Melisandre mentions that in the original language the term is genderless and can mean either gender. Melisandre says Prophecies are dangerous things. Melisandre also insists Dany to meet  Jon Snow and listen to the things he have been through. Tyrion looks stunned with the news that Jon is now king in the north and also insists Dany to meets with Jon and vouches for his character, saying he would make a great ally. Dany agrees and asks Tyrion to send a raven to Winterfell and ask Jon to come to Dragonstone and “Bend the knee.”

4. Missandei and Grey Worm, ahem, do it.

Missandei is upset as Grey Worm is going to war, they confess their feelings and it happens. (we know Grey Worm is a eunuch, but there are other ways man, move on)

5. Jon receives Tyrion’s message; Cersei plans ahead.

Back at Winterfell, young men and boys are learning to fight, and practicing their arrow shooting skills. Sansa reads the message from Tyrion and suggests Jon to hink of a possibility that it might be a trap. Jon asks her to read the last sentence – “Dwarfs are bastards in the eyes of their fathers.” Because of the last quote, Jon knows that Tyrion is legit but he still decides that it is not safe to leave Winterfell now.

At King’s Landing-, Cersei gathers all the loyal lords in the throne room, and let’s them know about Dany and her army consisting of the Dothraki. She asks them to pledge their allegiance or they might lost their wives and children to rape and pillaging by the Dothraki. They are hesitant but they agree eventually. ‘Sam’s father’ is there as well and he notes how people who didn’t agree or side with her are dead now.

He is about to leave buy Jaime follows him and asks him to be the top general in the war to come. He eventually agrees. Jaime offers him some high position or a throne in exchange for his military expertise.

6. Sam analyses Jorah’s condition; Jon receives a raven from Sam.

At Citadel, Sam and his Maester analyse Jorah’s condition. Sam’s Maester says that Jorah is too far gone, and has about 10 years to live but about 6 months before he becomes crazy like other Stonemen. Out of respect of his knighthood, Jorah is allowed one more night to stay but then he will be sent to that old Valariya where all the Stonemen are sent. Now, Sam and Measter are at the library and Sam tries to convince Maester of attempting to cure Mormont, citing an old Maester who managed to cure two people before. Maester says yeah the Maester who performed the cure died of greyscale and the procedure is extremely dangerous that’s why it is banned.

At Winterfell, Jon gets yet another Raven, this is the one from Sam saying Dragonstone is confirmed a mine for Dragonglass. Now Jon realises that he has to go to Dragonstone otherwise they might die in the war with White Walkers. So, Jon gathers another meeting with all the Northern Houses and gives them the update. The Northerners clearly aren’t very happy with this news, even Lyanna disagrees and Sansa, like in first episode, interferes and tells Jon that it is stupid.

Jon tries to make them understand, and lets them know that it’s going to be okay and it’s a risk worth taking. He says he is going to leave Sansa in control of Winterfell until his return. This throws her off and cuts to a shot of Littlefinger with ‘scheming and plotting” look.

7. Jon and Littlefinger meet in the crypt.

Jon is in the crypts of Winterfell looking at the statue of his father. Littlefinger arrives at the crypts. Littlefinger let’s Jon know that he liked Ned and it was too bad what happened to him. Jon reminds Littlefinger that he isn’t supposed to be down here, Littlefinger claims his ignorance and apologizes and says he just wanted to chat since the two of them haven’t had that opportunity yet. Jon dismisses it as he doesn’t want any business in Littlefinger. Littlefinger suggests that a “Thank you” should be in order for saving him at the Battle of The Bastards. At this point, Jon’s back is facing Littlefinger. Littlefinger starts reminiscing about his love for Catelyn Stark, and although he was bitter with Ned and her getting married, he understood. But now Littlefinger informs Jon that he also loves Sansa like he loved Kat. He barely finishes that sentence until Jon grabs him by the throat and throws him against the wall. Jon warns Littlefinger that ‘if he touches Sansa, he’ll kill him, end of story’.

8. Sam tries to cure Jorah.

Sam sneaks into Jorah’s cell at night and attempts to cure Jorah’s Greyscale. This scene is really graphic and intense, it can’t be described but it includes scalpel, and cuttings, weird fluids and Jorah has to stay still and quiet while Sam performs the cure.

9. Arya reunites with Hot Pie and Nymeria.

Arya is at the Inn, and she sees Hot Pie, He offers her some pie. She takes a bite of it and mentions how good the pie is. He tells her about how to brown the crusts before cooking the whole pie and that’s why the pie so good but now no one cooks pies like it anymore as it takes too long. Arya says “she didn’t do that when she cooked them”. He’s confused but it’s an obvious nod to when she cooked the Freys and fed them to Walder Frey in S6E10 – “The Winds of Winter”. She is informed about Jon becoming the king in the north and decides to change her mind and head north instead of King’s Landing.

On her way to Winterfell she stops and starts camping for the day in the woods. She notices her horse getting very nervous and upset. Next thing she knows she’s surrounded by a pack of wolves. Then her direwolf, Nymeria shows up and she is massive!. She is so big that it makes Ghost look like a puppy. They have a moment (makes us cry with tears of joy!) and Arya tries to convince Nymeria to come with her to Winterfell, assuming she understands. Nymeria recognizes her but there is a moment when they realise that they both are not what they used to be anymore. Nymeria leaves with the pack and Arya says her goodbyes to Nymeria.

10. Euron attacks the Greyjoy siblings and the Sand Snakes.

This is the final scene of the episode where a big battle takes place on the sea between the Greyjoys. Two sand snakes are killed by Euron, one strangled and hung from the front of the boat, the other has two swords shoved into her( ugh, we told you there were gonna be details.). Ellaria gets captured along with a sand snake who remained alive. Euron’s fleet wins and Theon is put in a fight or flight situation. Euron has Yara by the throat, and asks Theon to come save her. Instead, Theon dives into the water and leaves Yara with Euron. (why would you Theon!?)

It is then shown that Tyrion is there on the water (on a boat maybe?) looking on at the fleet in flames as Euron’s ships sail away in the distance.

We tried to tell you as many details as possible. This is the entire episode – “Stormborn” spoiled for you.

Valar Morghulis.

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