Here’s Why They Don’t Want You To Watch Lipstick Under My Burkha

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Here's Why They Don't Want You To Watch Lipstick Under My Burkha

While I caught the movie in theaters this weekend, there were two thoughts that were constantly running through my mind- 1. Now that’s a movie on women awareness and sexual expression! 2. No wonder this movie is banned. *awkward music filling up the space*

Yes, it is a movie like you’ve never seen before. Yes, it will shock you, surprise you, and make you wonder your idea of an Indian female. But above all, it will leave you in awe. Because the directors, writers, and actors have done such a wonderful job! Here are 10 reasons why the Censor Board does not want you to watch this amazing movie, though:

1. This movie is all about the sex!

The film depicts four women, each with a different dream- sexual liberty, freedom to choose her life partner, freedom to express and sing, and freedom to work. It is not all about sex, people.

2. Ladki pe bura asar padega!

Yes, because merely watching a movie will have her inner sexual goddess release her power. Blame the movie for it, just like you blame her “freedom” for her getting spoilt, not understanding that a spring releases with more energy as the pressure increases.

3. OMG, she went to see THAT movie?

Because the trailers have created a bawaal, and so has the Censor Board. People will judge you for even watching the movie, while they judge the movie based only on the reviews of the Board.

4. It’s not even realistic!

The Censor Board says that the movie portrays unrealistic expectations of women and says that it is “lady-oriented, (and) their fantasy about life”. What is that even supposed to mean?

5. Huh, so a woman has sexual desires too?

We agree the society has progressed. But has it progressed completely? Then why can people still relate to this film, where a male character is surprised that a female character has her own sexual desires as well?

6. It’ll lead to protests!

A character in the movie rightly says, that why will our expression of freedom lead to protests? “Aap hamari aazadi se itna jalte kyun ho?” And even if it leads to protests, who is to say that they are wrong?

7. Too much asleel scenes for our Pavitra Indian society.

The Board says, “There are continuous sexual scenes, abusive words, audio pornography and a bit sensitive touch about one section of the society”, so it was banned. Because yes, without the movie being released, these things won’t exist, perpetuate, or grow in the Indian society, right?

8. Sexual expressions.

Apparently there are “a lot” of them- have you come across the list of 27 scenes that were cut before the release? Even after that, if you complain that it is too much, then what’s the point of the movie?

9. These are not our Sanskaar.

Yes. Because films are supposed to be sanskaari, which is why we have one particular actor in all those family movies. (You know who! *wink*) Films are supposed to make you think, not to spread a propaganda.

10. Because you can do a lot of other things than go watch that movie.

Haan, like housework, job, or studies! What is the need to see this movie? So what if I watched it? So what if it’s an award-winning film? Don’t you have anything else to do than watch this movie?

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