10 Ways To Screw Up Your Job Interview

10 Ways To Screw Up Your Job Interview

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Once you land at a job interview, You feel more than half of the work is already done. You end up either getting over excited or being too nervous and forget everything important. Technically first step is to land at a job interview and second is to qualify for the first step.

Now let’s read 10 steps of what gets you disqualified in an interview. Yes you read it right, disqualified at a job interview .

Here is How to Screw up your Job Interview

1. Reaching late for the interview

Last thing you should ever do is to reach late.

2.  Dressing and wearing the same behavior (casual)

No, they are not your friends and you ain’t at a party.

3. Dressing to kill at the interview.

Want to kill the employer? Smile is enough – not more not less.

4. Not carrying the Resume/ CV

Of course they received your application in an email. Doesn’t mean you will ask them to put efforts to check your CV. Why do they need to? You applied – you put in efforts!

5. Keeping your phone on and using it.

Of course! You wanted to flaunt your weird ringtone and the way you talk to your closed ones and have them (employer) looking at you while you speak on phone.

6. Asking employer about what their company is all about.

Bad research skills. No homework?

7. Asking Employer about personal stuff.

Of course.  They are your potential friends; right?

8. Being too honest, over smart and desperate.

Certain things employers never need to know. Do they?

9. Making up stories for things you never did or know.

Think the Employer is stupid?

10. Asking too many irrelevant questions.

Asking questions about salary, vacations, leaves, etc. These are the things employer will let you know on his own once you get selected.

Do add your own points if you think we missed something.

Dimple Khubchandani
Career transition expert. She sells skilled and talented people to companies. Has been on both the sides of table as an HR and a recruitment consultant . A mentor to startups. Dimple caters to almost all domains and from startups to fortune 500 companies pan India. Loves to write sometimes, adventurous, happy go lucky person who loves to travel and dance .