9 Things That Suits Taught Us!

9 Things That Suits Taught Us!

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One of our favorite TV Series, Suits, is under hibernation mode, and we miss it more than ever. While a list about the reasons why we love the show can just go on and on, we’ve compiled top 9 things you can learn by watching the show:

1. It’ll teach you a thing a two about law.

Subpoenas? Different ways you can sue a person? Ways to get out of legal agreements? All here. And while one can learn them from “Orange is the New Black” and “How to get Away with Murder” as well, there is a reason “Suits” is the best rated of all of them- it teaches you about law, in the best way possible.

2. Power dressing.

Be it the ladies and how they manage to look feminine and powerful, or Harvey and his sharp suits, or even Mike Ross- barring his recent blue uniform *cringe*. The show manages to make the lawyers look sexy and appealing, powerful yet soft, smart and quick, just by the way they dress. My personal favorite is Jessica Pearson’s wardrobe, what is yours?

3. How to best keep your professional/ personal life separate and why

Until long, we had only seen snippets of their personal life- in bits and pieces. The show manages to convey one of the most important lessons in professionalism effortlessly- to keep your personal and professional lives separate. Why, you may ask? Harvey and Donna have benefitted by keeping it separate, and Jessica’s relationship was in danger because her boyfriend became a work partner as well. Lesson? Keeping the lives separate may not only benefit you at both, but will also earn you respect.

4. How sometimes the best intentions cannot save you

Mike Ross. Need we say more? Jessica and Harvey tried their best to save Mike, who had done nothing wrong, yet sometimes, the best of efforts are not enough. We not only see this in the conclusion, but also in the cases they handle- sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It is just a way of life.

5. The importance of a white lie.

Harvey did not win all his cases by behaving like a saint, and Mike picks the lesson well. They tell their clients what is necessary for them to win the case, and sometimes, if it means telling a white lie, he/she appreciates it in the end.

6. How to treat your boss.

The power dynamic is different between all the members: Jessica-Harvey, Jessica-Louis, Harvey-Mike, Harvey-Donna, etc. They all treat their bosses differently, which shows us that there is no correct way to do it. If you respect them and work together, the boss title doesn’t mean that they rule you.

7. How to treat your employees.

Jessica, at times, demands her due as she reminds people of her position in the company. Being a boss is much harder than an employee, and still she has managed to retain everybody’s respect in the process, unlike Harvey, who has gained everybody’s attention instead. But, this changes when he meets Mike- it shows us how to treat the people we work with, maintain the equation, and still manage to kick ass.

8. The importance of risk taking.

Sometimes you have to take a step not knowing what the next one will be. Sometimes you have to risk everything. For the people you care about, sometimes you are willing to put everything on the line- the show teaches us about calculated risks, accounted-for risks, and risk taking for love- and how each one is important not only to succeed, but to grow.

9. The weight trust has, over anything.

Ultimately, it all boils down to trust. In a world where you cannot trust anyone, and everyone is out to get their own share of the pie, how do you survive as being the top law firm in one of the top cities of the world? What if you’re leading the firm? The show manages to capture the importance of trust without exaggerating it like some shows with unnecessary mystery and cliché horror, and makes us realize it on our own, at times. For trust, above all.

Writing this article made me miss Suits all over again- did it do the same to you? So, what are you waiting for? Go put on some reruns or convince a friend who has never watched the series to watch this one- as it is totally worth it. Here’s to waiting together for the new episode of Suits.

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