Vitamin She Movie Review

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Vitamin She Movie Review

God: Tell me Jigar, what answer do you seek?

Jigar: Prabhu! How do you get to know what is in a girl’s heart?

God: Aam bouncer nai maarvana!

Jigar: Okay… Then how does one win in an argument with a girl?

God: I told you not to throw bouncers, to tu seedha Yorker maarva laagyo!

For such questions which men have been searching since a long time and more, Vitamin She is your answer. As the narrator and our dear friend RJ Dhvanit describes it himself, it is not a romantic movie; it is a movie about love!

With a star cast so talented and the trailer so amazing, we went in expecting a very interesting film. And we weren’t disappointed! The writers have done good job in the film, as every other dialogue leaves you in splits! With situations so relatable, you’ll exclaim throughout the movie, “that’s so me!”

Now, to the interesting part. We have so many movies on love coming out so frequently, what is so different about this one? The answer is, while the other movies romanticize love, this movie shows the reality. Ever wondered, what your boyfriend and his friends discuss about you?  Ever wondered, what makes a girl fall in love with you? You’ll learn it, here. It talks about all kinds of love- the puppy love, the love which is so close to not being enough, and the love which transcends everything.

Smit Pandya, Prem Gadhvi and Maulik Nayak are the friends to die for. With Maulik Nayak’s experience with love and flirting (sarcasm- see the movie to get the reference!), Prem Gadhvi’s Admin raaj (he’s the admin of over 100 Whatsapp groups!) and Smit Pandya’s constant phone calls (Jigar nu ek kaam naa thava de!), they ensure that you’re laughing all times. Watch out for Vadeel’s wisecracks! It’s Smit Pandya’s one of the best performances we’ve seen so far.

RJ Dhvanit deserves a special mention here, as this being his first movie, he is as confident on screen as he is on radio, and every act is spot-on. He’s so relatable as the lovable and confused Jigar! Hoping to see Dhvanit more often on screens now.

Background score and music of the film are cherry on the top. Mehul Surti surely knows how to create magic with music! ‘Maachhalio Ude’ will instantly make a place in your playlist.

What happens when your first love doesn’t work out? Can you truly fall in love again? Is the relationship still fixable? Can Jigar and Shruti work out their differences? What happens when just love isn’t enough for the relationship to go on? Watch Vitamin She to find out everything.


The film has pretty good performances, spot on comic timing and dialogue delivery, super music and decent direction. Being Dhvanit Thaker, producer Sanjay Raval and director Faisal Hashmi’s very first film, it’s surely the vitamin must taking.

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