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Vitamin She Movie Review

The hottest Gujarati film of the year is about to release- Vitamin She! If you are a Gujarati and do not live under a rock, chances are that you’ve already heard about this movie. Found singing “Chhokri” when a girl rejects you or are addicted to listening to RJ Dhvanit in the mornings? Can connect to the philosophy that everyone needs some “Vitamin She” in their lives, but boss when will I be prescribed some of it? Or are still not getting the meaning of Vitamin She? For those who cannot wait to get more of the film already, here are 10 facts about “Vitamin She”:

1. RJ Dhvanit!

Need we say more? He has become such an integral part of our mornings, some people need him like their morning tea! Apart from being one of the most famous RJs we know, he is also a well-known personality in Gujarat. Many have dreamt of meeting him, of getting to know him better, or just to talk to him. Have you seen how cute he looks in the trailer? <3 Go check it out!

RJ Dhvanit fainted out of exhaustion while shooting a chase sequence in the film.

2. Sanjay Raval.

A very well-known motivational speaker in Gujarat, he is the producer of the film! The author of the bestselling book “Have Mane Pehla Karta Saaru Laage Chhe” and the guide to many seminars, this is his first film as a producer under his own production house banner.

3. Our own rockstars.

Aishwarya Majmudar, Darshan Raval, Parthiv Gohil- ever fangirled over any of them? Followed them on social media, stalked their performance videos, waited for their next song? Music director Mehul Surti made this amazing decision to “Go with local and be global” instead of just ripping off the Bollywood singers- and need we say thank you?

4. For all the Radio addicts!

Apart from RJ Dhvanit, the film is filled with all of your radio stars! With RJ Aditi as the Creative Producer, Radio City’s “Kishore Kaka” as “Vadeel”, Red FM no Bako as “Manyo”, RJ Kshitij playing an RJ and RJ Harita playing the neighbour of Dhvanit, we’ll finally get to see the faces behind that addictive content on radio.

5. The unique promotional strategies.

Salman Khan, when visiting us on Navaratri announced, “Whenever RJ Dhvanit’s film releases, you must go watch it!” Not only Salman Khan, but Shahrukh Khan, Smriti Irani, Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and many celebs are planning to watch the film. Do we need any more motivation? From RJ Aditi’s live midnight chat mentioning the film, to RJ Dhvanit talking about love- both onscreen and off-screen at an event on Valentine’s day in the city, the team scores on the promotion part as well!

6. Talented cast.

A finalist of Femina Miss India 2014 Bhakti Kubavat of Bas Ek Chance and Hutututu, Kurush Deboo of Munnabhai M.B.B.S., Prem Gadhavi of popular play 102 Not Out, Chor Bani Thangaat Kare, Wassup Zindagi, Smit Pandya of Bey Yaar and Maulik Nayak of Bey Yaar, Rom Com, Premji, it is a talent-house!

7. Chhokri Chhokri!

Branded as “The Breakup Song”, it is the newest addition to our playlists. In just 2 days, it managed to cross 1 M views on Facebook! Did you know they specially invited a South Indian choreographer for those moves?

8. For all those lovers out there.

As if lovers need any motivation to go on a movie date! Is your girl a fan of “Gabbu” Darshan Raval? Dedicate “Maachhalio Ude” to her! Or does she fangirl over Dhvanit himself? Take her out to this movie! Are you afraid of love, hate it, or are confused about it? So is the hero! Go check out this movie to see how he decodes love and “Vitamin She”!

Watch Vitamin She trailer

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