10 Ways To Screw Up Your Resume!

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10 Ways To Screw Up Your Resume!

There are tons of articles on the internet that talk about good resumes. No one talks about bad resumes. Ladies and gentlemen, today, I bring to you 10 ways to blow mind of your future employer. Literally.

1. Introduction with “Myself..”

Dude this is 2017. Nobody introduces themselves using ‘myself’.

2. To work in a challenging, environment where I can develop myself with the opportunities provided by organization and become strong supporting person for the organization.

Shut the f##k up.

3. Achievement: Came second in Lemon & Spoon race in 2nd grade

I managed to control my sneeze the other day. Maybe I should add that in my achievements.

4. Extra Curriculum Activity: Industrial visit to Infosys

Right. I saw UFO last week. On History channel. Let me add that in my extra curricular.

5. Hobby: Surfing the internet

My hobby: Evading shitty resumes

6. Participated in technical fest of my coll..

*flying slipper*

7. Skills: MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, blah blah..

Oh my god. My time machine worked!!

8. Worked in my college magazine.

Why don’t you keep working there only?

9. Interests: Reading, Travelling 

Yes. 110 out of 100 candidates love reading and travelling. What do they read? Champak. Where do they travel? Juhu beach, Mumbai.

10. I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is true to the best of my knowledge. And I will be sincerely responsible for any misconduct.

I hereby declare that nobody gives a shit.

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Nishit Jariwala
From being a wannapreneur to being a nobody, life now makes sense | Living the dream


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