Here’s How It Feels To Be With Someone Who’s The Exact Opposite Of You!

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Here’s How It Feels To Be With Someone Who’s The Exact Opposite Of You!

“Opposites attract”- sounds so romantic, right? How the qualities of one complement the other, how they’ll have no problems- as where one fails, the other succeeds and other things we’ve heard through stories, movies, and other media? We also hope, that someday, we’ll find someone who’s the complete opposite of us, in hopes that they’ll complete us- but the reality might be different than you think. Not so romantic, here are 10 things you can expect if your partner is your complete opposite:

1. Wanting to do your favorite thing with them- but they’re not interested!

Ever waited to wait a season of your favorite show with them, but they fell asleep during the climax? You love horror, but she absolutely cannot stand it! You love parties, while he prefers quiet conversations? Being with a partner like this makes you look out and appreciate the people around you who enjoy the same things  you do!

2. Not being able to mix in with their work group.

So you work in a totally creative field, while his job is all technical. It makes mingling with their work friends so difficult! You don’t understand their jargon, differ on a lot of opinions and views, and struggle to find common ground, on any grounds!

3. Choosing your battles.

When you and your partner have totally different opinions, you’ll have fights- a lot of them. Seriously. There are A LOT of varying opinions, sometimes every single one! In this case, you learn to choose your battles- when you let go one time, they’ll have to let go on some other issue- that’s how you both grow in a relationship!

4. Feeling a personality change.

If you’re a person who’s so proud of who you are, you’ll notice these changes with horror. A person who used to be the last one to arrive is more punctual now! On the contrary, an uptight person is more relaxed now! He doesn’t stress now if it is one minute past the deadline! Sooner or later, these changes are bound to come.

5. Some habits never failing to irritate you.

No matter how much you both compromise, there are some habits of your partner which never fail to irritate you- like dirty socks on the couch. Not being on time. Being so picky about everything. Fighting all the time!

6. The joy of introducing them to something new

But, on the contrary, you love it when you introduce them to something new. Who knew a metal fan could love Ed Sheeran too? Who knew a person who only watched serious shows could love FRIENDS too? It’s like introducing them to a part of your heart- and if they love it, you’re on cloud nine!

7. Knowing how much it means when they try your favorite stuff

Even as they’re so different, when they try to change or see things your way, you know how much it means to you. For anyone who sees you above them, changes for you, and is willing to try out new stuff with you and for you- is a keeper.

8. He/ she is your best critic

Forget other critics- he’ll tell you when you look unflattering in an outfit (in a roundabout way, of course). She’ll tell you when you’re above your head when it comes to your looks. You both will tell each other that you’ve gained a little weight- but who cares? When you want to put your best foot forward in anything, they’ll make sure it happens!

9. Falling in love with their differences

Slowly, you begin to appreciate the different person that they are- and how it’s beautiful. The things which were irritating in the beginning? You can live with them now! In fact, you cannot wait to live with all that makes a person that you love, now!

10. Being a better version of yourself

And finally, because of all the difference in opinion, you tend to be less critical and more accepting of change. We do not mean changing for a person, but changing for the better, sometimes. You want to be better for them. You want to be on time, be more particular about cleanliness and order, or be a bit funnier for them. They make you want to be the best version of yourself.

To conclude, falling in love with your total opposite? Go for it!

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