20 Bestest Lines from Friends!

20 Bestest Lines from Friends!

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Easily one of the best shows out there, Friends has a special place in all our hearts. More than 20 years after its premiere, it is still being watched all over the globe repeatedly. Friends will always be many people’s go-to sitcom in my opinion. After all, how can we forget some of the most memorable characters, who spoke very befitting lines. While most dialogues from the show tend to be sarcastic, witty and downright hilarious, there are some that touch our hearts too. Here are 20 of the bestest lines from the worldwide favorite, Friends.

1. The One Where Monica Gave Rachel A Dose Of Reality.

2. The One When Joey Provided Some Much Needed Encouragement.

3. The One With Chandler’s Lesson in Self-Love.

4. The One Where Joey Was A Model Friend.

5. The One With Chandler’s Sarcasm.

6. The One Where Phoebe Was All Of Us.

7. The One Where Chandler Couldn’t Care Any Less.

8. The One When Rachel Got Off The Plane

9. The One Where Joey Reminded Everyone About His Eating Habits.

10. The One Where Rachel Let Out The Truth To Ross

11. The One When Ross Finally Finds Out About Rachel’s Feelings For Him.

12. The One Where Joey Made Sense.

13. The One Where Ross Insisted That They Were On A Break.

14. The One Where Chandler Was Relatable AF.

15. The One When Monica Had The Most Epic Clapback.

16. The One Where Phoebe Had The Perfect Way Of Getting Out of Some Work.

17. The One With Rachel’s Solution To Tackling A Problem.

18. The One Where Ross Is A Great Leader.

19. The One Where 3 Words Can Make Your Day Instantly Worse.

20. The One With The Ultimate Pick Up Line.

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