Here Is What Foreigners Think About India!

Here Is What Foreigners Think About India!

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India. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say that word? The food? The Culture? The people? Sure, these and many other things pop up in our minds when we hear this word. Now, more than ever, India is conscious of its public image in the world, and so when a redditor asked the rest of reddit what came to their mind with the word ‘India’, and for those that visited India, what surprised them the most.

1. There Were a Few Innocent Misconceptions

2. Some of Them Were Spot On

3. Many Were Craving Our Lip-Smacking Cuisine

4. Several Were Surprised By Our Vast Culture

5. This One Wasn’t Just Craving The Food

6. They Know Us So Well :’)

7. For Some It Was Our Entertainment Industry That Caught Their Eye

8. Then The Generic-But-True White Guy Comment.

9. This Poor Chap Couldn’t Bare The Noise

10. When This Redditor Saw Through Our Frail Attempts At Scamming Foreigners

Bonus: This Guy Is Scarily Accurate.

Persias Tadiwala
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