20 Facts About India That We’re Not Proud Of!

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20 Facts About India That We're Not Proud Of!

India has come a long way since our Independence, and India has made many great strides in this world, for which we can, and should be proud of. Alas, like everything in this universe, nothing is perfect, including our own India.

1. The Education System

Where marks matter more than actual learning and growth of children, marks that test the ‘mugging up’ ability rather than a student’s true potential or calibre. With syllabuses that our outdated and spread propaganda.

2. Reservation

Reservation might have been a helping hand for communities at a disadvantage, but in this day and age, all they do is bring in unimaginably high cut-offs, send some of our most talented youths outside India, and produce unqualified graduates. As such, we live in a country where communities riot and demand they be classified as backward just to access these reservations.

3. Discrimination and an Unsafe Home For Women

Women are unfairly discriminated against, treated like livestock, and downright disrespected. Some women have to live in fear all the time, even in their own homes in some cases. Our country has the highest reported rape cases. Keep in mind, those are only the reported ones. Society and the authorities even go as far as to blame the victim for the crime.

4. Corruption

One of the most corrupt countries in the world, corruption has latched onto India like a leech. Indian Politics and corruption go hand-in-hand at this point. The absurd number of scams, that if I were to write about, it would almost be ever-ending. We all say we are against it, but whenever we are stopped by the police or need to get something done, our hands always wander towards our wallets.

5. Pollution

This one has gotten so out of hand, it’s almost funny now. Indians will litter wherever they go, and then complain about India not being clean, and put the blame on the government whenever they can. Our capital is also the world’s capital in air pollution. Another absurd fact, with the recent addition of GST, diesel and petrol cars’ prices were brought down, but hybrids that save fuel and are very low on emissions, received a sharp hike in price. WTF?

6. Baap Ka Raasta

What do you get when you mix together way too many vehicles, impatience, and each driver feeling the road is theirs? Indian roads. Always jammed due to driver’s impatience, each driver trying to cut the other one off, also constantly honking as if horns can make traffic magically disappear. Then there’s the people who spit and urinate on our roads, as if it were their personal latrine.

7. Inefficiency

To add to the last point, our government promises better conditions, but our roads are always in a battered condition up until it’s election time. Most government offices and services are in abysmal conditions, barely serving their purpose. To top it off, hundreds of crores of our tax money are used up in useless projects, like unnecessary statues (Looking at you, Chatrapati Shivaji).

Also seen rampant in our justice system, Indian courts suffer years of backlog, often never delivering some people’s justice, and children and grandchildren having to fight their long-dead relatives’ cases.

8. Money and Power are a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free Card’

Influential figures, and sometimes their spoilt children, run about India like it’s their own game of Grand Theft Auto, causing havoc and then getting away with it scot-free. I didn’t even name any, but several names popped in your minds, didn’t they?

9. Athletic talent unrecognized, but cricketers are worshipped?

You’d expect the one advantage of a large population would be an upper hand in sports. But our obsession with cricket hinders that by a lot. Our fellow Indians who train hard, and make our country proud in various sporting events, are often ignored and hence, children who aspire to be sportsmen, are discouraged from doing so, further hindering the potential of our country.

10. Pseudo-Democracy

We are stripped of our fundamental rights everyday, in some way or the other. We’re told what not to eat, what not to say, just to name a few. When we exercise our rights to protest such atrocities, we are branded as anti-national.

11. Communalism and Racism

Constant squabbles between communities, only further enraged by politicians are plenty in India. Coming to racism, when an Indian is discriminated against somewhere abroad, we’re all quick to complain and condemn it. But then we proceed to thrash innocent African students, assuming they are criminals just because of their skin color. We also put fair skinned people on a pedestal for who-knows-what reason.

12. Mobs Can Take the Law Into Their Own Hands

The mob culture of India is scary. Mobs will form and thrash, sometimes even kill a person, based only on rumors and allegations. We have a judicial system for a reason, folks. Worst part about this is, everyone gets away with it.

13. Sexism

Be it in the workplace, in our schools, or in our homes, and even our streets, women have to face sexism everywhere. Indians need to learn how to live together as equals, and help our country flourish.

14. Marital Rape is legal, but same-sex marriage is not

Imagine being assaulted by your own spouse, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? That’s the unnerving reality some women have to face since Marital Rape is not a crime in India. While we’re on the topic of marriage, might I mention for years the youth of India has been advocating and fighting for LGBT rights, but same-sex relations are crime, and LGBT couples cannot get married.

15. Society Passing More Judgement Than Our Supreme Court

‘Log Kya Kahenge?’ In India, people will always judge you, be it for your profession, your habits, your sexuality, or your marital status.

16. The Great Indian Media Circus

Known for it’s incomprehensible debates, giving more importance to celebrity gossip than to actual news, and producing TV shows featuring a child marrying an adult, Indian Media never ceases to ‘amaze’.

17. Taboo This, Taboo That

We don’t have ‘the talk’ with our children. Indians have a fear of talking about many things for some reason. Things that need to be talked about. In most cases, this only hinders our growth and development. We shouldn’t be afraid of saying words ‘condom’ or ‘sex’, instead we need to educate ourselves about it, and encourage contraception.

18. Poverty

India has one of the largest populations living below the poverty line. Only taken advantage of by politicians when they need votes, scammed out of their welfare, and treated like scum, it’s not easy being poor in India.

19. Rights Rarer Than Rhinos

We may have our fundamental rights, even though we rarely get to exercise them, but we still have a long way to go. Currently there are many causes for which we need to update our constitution. Right to privacy, rights for the LGBT community, just to name a few.

20. Ignorance Is Bliss

These are just some of the many issues we face as a country. Yet one of the most alarming is how we all choose to ignore them, and live worry-free in our own bubbles. Wake up people, if India is set to become a superpower soon, we need to fix a lot of things.

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