Narendra Modi is Criticized For These 10 Things He Hasn’t Actually Done!

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Narendra Modi is Criticized For These 10 Things He Hasn't Actually Done!

Of all the things that are in fashion in India; blaming our PM Narendra Modi for everything that happens (or not) tops the list. The team lets-blame-Modi-for-every-ill-in-India has been relentlessly hurling accusations on Modi, be it for dal prices, shoddily built roads, his inability to do Yogasanas flexibly or Trump becoming the President; Modi has been blamed and criticized for a series of things that he had nothing to do with. Modi is also very often asked for an explanation for any utterance made by anybody even remotely connected with BJP/ RSS.

With internet being full of allegations and vague blames on Narendra Modi; here are 10 things that Modi is criticized for, but he hasn’t actually done.

1. Modi didn’t win, EVM did.

After Mayawati and Arvind Kejriwal blatantly accused Modi of EVM tampering and even asked the Election Commission to enquire, this is how the EC replied:

For the record, India has been successfully using EVM since 2000 and it was first introduced on a pilot basis way back in 1982. In past, courts have hailed the EVMs. In 2001, Madras High Court had rejected the allegations that the poll machine can be tampered with. In 2002, the Kerala High Court had upheld the use of EVMs, while in 2004, the Karnataka High Court had hailed the EVMs as “national pride”. In 2005, the Mumbai High Court had also concluded that EVMs can’t be tampered with.

For technical security, the machine is both mechanically and electronically protected to prevent any tampering/ manipulation. Any such allegation against Modi is baseless and shouldn’t be given heed to.

2. Blaming Modi for IT Layoffs chaos.

The layoffs in India are more about job displacement than job decimation.

With Brexit last year; one can expect a decrease in the workforce being sent abroad in the following years.

Also, for over 20-years, Americans relied on us for cheap IT Labor, and with the emergence of Donald Trump, they now want to do their own dirty jobs. Turns out, India’s IT lease has expired.

So you can blame Modi for the layoffs if you think he went to the United Kingdom and ensured Brexit happened, or he met the Russians and influenced the US Elections and made Donald Trump the President.

3. Freedom of Press

Narendra Modi has been blamed for SUDDENLY snatching away the freedom of press from the National Media. While it is no hidden fact that the freedom of press has always been in question; irrespective of who sat inside the PMO.

In fact, the biased and so called Secular Media has put uncountable number of accusations on Narendra Modi. His political journey is full of criticism and planned hate campaigns by the media. If this is not freedom of Press, what is?

Jawaharlal Nehru introduced the First Amendment to curb free speech. Sardar Patel spoiled the Free Press Agency’s plans to go international over coverage he disliked. Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency at which point India became dictatorial, with censorship on full throttle.

But, lets blame Narendra Modi.

4. Modi abandoned his wife

Child marriage was outlawed in India way back in 1929. Narendra Modi’s marriage happened in 1968 when Narendra Modi was 18 and Jashodaben was 16. In the events of such a sham marriage not working out in future; if anyone is to be blamed or criticized, it ought to be the parents of such children. And yet Modi was portrayed as the person who had committed the crime of abandoning his wife by the media. Such allegations can be very harmful for the society. It should be understood that child marriage makes a case where both the boy and the girl were victims of their respective parent’s wrongdoing.

5. Meat Ban

The controversy over meat ban may be new but meat ban per se is quite old. Though Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP are being condemned for meat ban, the truth is that the law was devised in these states several years ago, mostly by the then Congress regimes. Besides the political parties, even national and international media have carried reports of meat ban with strong criticism of the current Central government, as if it has been enforced for the very first time.

6. Foreign Tours (Vacations?!)

If critics of PM Narendra Modi are to be believed, his frequent foreign tours are just paid, luxurious vacations to generate media publicity and online hype with no substantial progress on the ground. The reality however is far different.

Several reports suggest that Modi’s visits had managed to attract FDI at a time when domestic investment and demand remained extremely weak. Foreign direct investment in India recorded one of the biggest annual jumps under the tenure of Modi government and nearly two-third of the investments were from countries that Modi had visited as part of his so called foreign vacations.

Also, India is neither a member of the Security Council nor is it plugged into global production networks. Hence, it is imperative for the Indian leadership to step out and engage with the world.

7. Deaths

A suicide of a PHD student in Hyderabad is blamed on Modi. A death of a dalit in Gujarat is blamed on Modi. The death of a Muslim in UP is blamed on Modi.

All these unfortunate incidents have no direct or indirect link with the Central government; leave alone the PM. The incidents happened in states under the presence and protection of a state government.

And yet, Modi is projected and out rightly judged as the culprit. Why?

8. Every State Election = Modi’s “Biggest Test”

Modi secured the first Lok Sabha majority mandate in 30 years. He got the first ever BJP Chief Ministers of Maharashtra and Haryana and a BJP Deputy Chief Minister in Jammu and Kashmir.

He also got the first ever majority government in Jharkhand. The recent landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh can also not go unnoticed.

His only electoral failures are the states of Mizoram, New Delhi and Bihar. Yet every election is presented as Modi’s biggest test and his leadership comes under stern attack after any and every failure.

9. National Anthem Before Movies in Theaters

The Supreme Court, on November 30, 2016 ordered that the national anthem will be played before every movie in every cinema hall in the Republic of India.

As soon as the SC announced its order, quite understandably, a good amount of criticism started flowing all over India. But what could not be understood was the direction of these criticisms- Narendra Modi. Modi was once again under the radar and faced unsolicited allegations of ‘Force feeding nationalism’ and ‘imposing patriotism’ amongst his citizens.

Well, quite evidently Narendra Modi had absolutely nothing to do with the court order. IT WAS THE SUPREME COURT. Period.

10. 2002 Riots

Modi has gone through the rigorous investigations by the all investigation agencies of India during 10 years of UPA rule. Even Supreme Court monitored SIT could find nothing against Narendra Modi and gave him clean chit in this matter. So accusing Modi for the 2002 Gujarat riots, is a direct disrespect to the SC verdict and hence, absolutely inappropriate.

I would also like to point out that, while the incident is a definite blemish on his track record, there is no reason to assume that it is indicative of his administration at this moment or in the future.

While criticism is imperative and quite essential; such deliberate allegations are more unfair, irrational and too tough. I am sure Narendra Modi has his shortcomings and the PM would do well to acknowledge them; but that doesn’t by any means warrant such forceful and unfair accusations.

But honestly, the extent of criticism that Narendra Modi has weathered in the last 12 years has not only matured him as a leader but also been the basis of his growth.

I repeat, criticism is a natural democratic phenomena and one must possess strength of character and integrity to weather it.

But, the problem with most Modi critics is that they are more concerned in making quick brownie points that seize the headlines and produce some chatter on social media than anything else.

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  1. This article should be thrown into dustbin Mr. Kaushal Piruka !

    1. Modi didn’t win, EVM did. – First tell me who accuses modi for this thing? Supporters of AAP and Mayawati? Let me know how many supporters do they have? Do we really care about them as we all know that they don’t have any other work to do.
    2. Blaming Modi for IT layoff – No one is blaming Modi for IT layoffs. But, he fails to increase the job opportunities within the country. Major companies are closing their factories and no boost for Make in India yet because export rate was down as per latest statistics.
    3. Freedom of Press – He won because of media and BJP IT Cell. Why some online media removed latest report on Amit Shah?
    4. Modi Abandoned his Wife – Doesn’t make sense at all this point. Everyone just raised a point that if he was married than why he hide that till loksabha election?
    5. Meat Ban – Please put official link source as well
    6. Foreign Tours – Those people are the same who criticized Manmohan Singh for the same.
    7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – Just one sentence – OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME !

    1. 1. Almost every party in the opposition has supported AAP and BSP’s claims. So MAYBE they have no work to do, but still that doesn’t validate their invalid criticism.
      2. Rajan Gandhi, vice president, FITE. And SO MANY others. You can google maybe.
      3. We all know that the media houses are divided into different parties. There’s no such thing called Free press. And yet, Modi faces all the blames for taking away that nonexistent freedom.
      5. Article 48 of the Constitution of India mandates the state to prohibit the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle. Congress governments had banned cow slaughter in about 24 states, including Bihar, way back in 1955 when the BJP was not even formed.
      6. Yes and No. The weight of criticism is much more now. Even if they did, the point stands true.

      Also Niraj, I have myself criticised Modi whenever he deserved to be criticised. But this is a list of well researched points where Modi CANNOT be blamed. It’s not an agenda or a campaign, it is not even my opinion, these are just plain facts.

  2. Kaushal pirukia… city’s you send me a link of the criticism articles, where he deserved it. I would like to read it.