7 Reasons Why Parsis Are The Best!

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7 Reasons Why Parsis Are The Best!

Parsis, Zoroastrians, Bawas, no matter what you call them, everybody loves them. From their mouth-watering food to their spotless shining vintage cars, there’s nothing to dislike about this small but dwindling community nestled in our country. We also happen to be cute AF (and no that was totally not a biased statement just because I happen to be a bawa too.)

1. Culture

Parsi culture is unlike any other, wherein we feast instead of fast, crack open a cold one instead of cracking open other people’s skulls, and did you know there’s no such thing as dowry in our community? We also never force our religion onto anyone, even the children. Kids are initiated into Zoroastrianism only when they are old enough to choose if they want to enter or not. Our preachings are very simple, Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds. 🙂

2. Less is More

We may be less in number, but don’t let that fool you. What we lack in number, we make up for with our considerable contributions to the history and development of India. Freedom Fighter Dadabhai Naoroji; Industrialist Families like Tata, Wadia, Godrej; Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw; Scientist Homi Bhabha; the list goes on and on.

3. Peace-Loving

Parsis truly are a peace-loving community. We never mob up on any slight issue, we don’t ban things left and right, and we certainly respect other communities and their practices, even if they might clash with ours. Like a wise man once said, “Carrom ramvanu, ‘juice’ peevanu, MAJA NI LIFE.”

4. We Celebrate Like There’s No Tomorrow

Believe me when I tell you, Parsis know how to celebrate. If you thought that party you went to last weekend was lit, just come to any Parsi function. We take lit to a whole other level. We have the birdie dance, Godiwala nu bhonu, and we always show up in style with our vehicles decked out in flowers.

5. The Food

Ah, where do I even begin? Let’s just say if you have a Parsi friend, consider yourself lucky!
Bawas are the biggest foodies out there. Like I said before, we love to feast, and you will too when you try some of our signature dishes like the famous dhanksaak, patra ni machi, sali par eedu, sali boti, and again, the list goes on! We also like to share our love for food, as seen in Mumbai, a city laden with Irani cafes and Parsi restaurants.

6. The Booze

Bawas love their liquor. If you’ve ever been to any Parsi function, you’ll know there’s that one hall, you know the one I’m talking about. The hall that’s filled with uncles, aunties, and youngsters (21+ only, obviously 😉 ) alike, all with a drink in one hand and some chakna in the other. You’ll see drinks being served faster than you can count, soda bottles and ice as far as the eye can see, and the air, full of banter. Even at home, ‘bhonu saathe ek beer to bane yaar’ .

7. (Khatthu) Mithu Bolvanu

Now I’ve never personally noticed this, but every other person I meet tells me Parsis have a very sweet way of speaking. Maybe it’s the way we speak Gujarati, or maybe we’re just nice, but what most people fail to notice is how we are also experts at swearing. You wouldn’t know the amazing amount of variety there exists in swear words until you’ve heard a bawa cuss. Only thing is, our gaalis aren’t fueled by hate, there’s always some affection behind those words. Most of the time.

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