Pull The Plug on Your Push Notifications

Pull The Plug on Your Push Notifications

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What is the universal cure to all your problems? According to your mom, it is throwing away your phone, of course! Be it not getting enough sleep, indigestion issues, or even your breakup with your boyfriend/ girlfriend, it’s all about how addicted you are to your phone! Does this sound like your mom, too?

But when your friends say it, you start wondering about it a bit. Lately my friends had been complaining about how addicted I am to my phone- I denied it of course, while browsing through memes on my Facebook! Then, I came across an article which talked about a different style of detoxing off your phone- blocking the push notifications. Basically, it means no longer having notifications of Whatsapp/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ Snapchat or even Saavn or Google Play on your screen, and to view what has happened on an app, you need to open it first. Let’s see how that worked out!

1. Made me more anxious to see the notifications (in the beginning)

As the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) kicked in, I admit, I checked each app more often than before, expecting tons of notifications, snaps and messages I’ve missed. But to my amazement, most of them were unimportant!

2. Prioritising use of each app.

After FOMO, my laziness kicked in. I no longer felt the need to open my Instagram five times a day, because who needed to see who liked their photos anyways? I no longer was interested in the “Sale of the day” or the latest updates on my apps, they worked just fine. And those chain messages were an irritation since the very beginning!

3. Apps in alarm.

Now when I opened them, some apps had the following message: “We noticed that you’ve disabled the notifications of the app. No longer want to miss out? Allow them here” or some variation of the sort. No thanks!

4. No more the tempting customer!

That’s when I realized that the apps which had monetary transactions (shopping apps, cab bookings, event/movie booking apps) relied on how frequently I saw my notifications and lured me with their offers. I was no longer interested in them and only opened the app when I genuinely needed something.

5. Chain reaction

If you do not want to totally get off your phone, you could try just disabling them on your lock screen. Then, you can start app by app- as you’ll have to individually select the apps to block anyways. Think of which ones consume your time the most, and block them. Increase the number of apps with time if you’re comfortable with it.

6. No effect on the important stuff.

If it was important/urgent, the person would call anyways. I checked my messages regularly, and snap streaks could be maintained with just opening the app once and sending the snap- no need to see everyone’s stories 5 times a day! Checking all your apps once in a day became enough.

7. Less stress levels.

Now even as I glance at my phone ever so often, I no longer see the constant blinking and do not feel the need to grab my phone to check. I still am in touch with the important people in my life, it has just become less cluttered. Finally, a useful way to get rid of my phone addiction!

Why don’t you try it out too? Let us know how it goes for you. ?

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