Here’s Why People Are Giving 1 Star Rating To Republic TV

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Here's Why People Are Giving 1 Star Rating To Republic TV

From the last three days, the Republic TV Facebook Page has received thousands of 1-star ratings on its official page. Earlier, the average page ratings used to be around 4-star. Interestingly, the thousands of 1-star ratings had driven down the average score for the page to below 2 stars, which now 2.2 stars after some supporters took upon themselves to help Republic TV manage this chaos by giving 5-star ratings.

But the question is, who are those 1-star rating campaigners and what is the protest for?

So it all started when Republic TV began its coverage of the ongoing political violence between CPI-M activists and RSS followers in Kerala. Apparently, in doing so; Republic TV has reported something which has offended Kerala Leftists to such an extent that they have come down all guns blazing at Arnab.

On Tuesday, thousands of Malayalis took to Facebook to express their anger and displeasure towards Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV by giving 1 star rating and negative review on Republic TV’s Facebook page. The Republic TV even resorted to removing the ‘review’ option from their Facebook page for quite a while.

The entire news coverage by Republic TV has been portrayed as repeated attempts by the channel to tarnish the reputation of the state of kerala.

However, the protest has taken a different turn as there have been heated online arguments between those supporting the Republic TV and those participating in the online protest. The protesters are now found to be getting abusive towards those who support Republic TV.

The discussion on Republic TV followed accusations by senior BJP leaders such as Arun Jaitley about law and order in the state in the context of continuing violence between BJP and CPIM workers.

This is not the first time that Goswami has offended the Malayali prestige. A year ago, while still at Times Now, he conducted a debate on ‘beef being served’ in Kerala government’s official guest house in New Delhi and received backlash for the same.

Also, this is not the first time cyber warriors have taken to social media to “teach someone a lesson”. Earlier too, some people have taken to social media criticism as well as down-voting apps on getting offended with someone else’s views. In 2015, Snapdeal received a lot of unwarranted criticism from angry right wingers when Aamir Khan thought the country is intolerant. Snapdeal has also been a hilarious victim of angry Indians when a statement from ‘Snapchat’ CEO triggered the infamous Indian offense seeking syndrome.

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