10 Reasons Why It’s Totally Okay to be Single in Your 30s

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10 Reasons Why It's Totally Okay to be Single in Your 30s

30s is the new 20s. And, these are the reasons why singlehood doesn’t bother you at the age of 30

1. Independence

You’re having a job, because you love it. You are making money because you have worked for it. You spend it without anybody’s supervision. The whole idea ruling a life on your terms makes you happier and independent.

2. Travel and Explore

There’s an entire world ahead of you, you want to see. The want of exploring new places, culture, lifestyle, meeting new people and bonds you build is one’s need. You want to do it before you have to start accompanying yourself with someone forever.

3. The happy Comfort Zone

A life that gives you nothing but space. You date, fall in love, not once but maybe twice or thrice. You eat, wear, go and meet whoever you want to. That zone is your own happy zone. It’s a happy bubble and you don’t someone to interfere in it.

4. A bedroom for you only

Dating and relationship moments are different. But getting someone to share your bedroom for an entire life is different and it involves hard-work. Maybe you don’t want a desk to have someone else’s things. Or have a wardrobe with someone else’s important things or give a side of the bed to someone forever. It’s about having your room your way with your things around.

5. Learn new, learn more!

It’s always good to expand your horizons. Involve yourself into a learning course or attend a workshop. Could be baking, cooking or dance, a course in literature or a higher degree. You want to grow mentally and intellectually. And, you want to do it without having deadlines or compromises.

6. Not to be obligated

You don’t want to save a weekend because you have an anniversary to attend. You don’t have to cut down on your expenses because you have kids. You don’t want to invite people just because you’re married to their family member. You can’t deal with obligations because it’s not you. You don’t like compromises and hence; you’re far away from it.

7. Forever is a long time. You want to take it slow

For you, learning has no age limit. Marriage has no age limit. You have too many years ahead and you could settle down with a new person later also. But right now, you want to take things slow and your way.

8. Plan your day for yourself

You will schedule everything as per your needs. Your workout hours are according to your timings. Your dinner plans are done whenever you’re in a mood. You go out for a ride or a drive alone if you want to. You don’t have to reach home because you have to wake up for the kids or be home to cook or because someone’s waiting for you.

9. Free to change things in a whim

If the current job is boring you, you might take a mental break for a couple of months. You could take up studying or start something new altogether and you have a chance to take that risk for yourself. After all, you don’t want someone else to be responsible for the decisions you’ve taken.

10.You’re far; far away from the word divorce

Marriage is overrated. It creates a nuisance if it doesn’t end well. But, if you’re 30 and single then you’re open to casual dating. You can fall in love endlessly. You don’t have to worry about divorces. And, you’re too mature for breakups!

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