3 Year Old Daughter’s Letter To Cancer Survivor Father Will Melt Your Heart!

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3 Year Old Daughter’s Letter To Cancer Survivor Father Will Melt Your Heart!

It always warms our hearts when a child goes out of their way to do something nice. Children are pure, untouched by the darkness of the world, and as such their actions are always good at heart. (No matter how goofy they can be at times.)

One such story that grabbed our attention was that of singer-songwriter Andrew McMahon and his 3 year old daughter, Cecila.

Andrew is a survivor of cancer, diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in its early stages in 2005. Luckily he was treated properly and is A-Okay now.

Andrew now spends his time chilling with his family, playing shows all over the world, and helping cancer foundations.

A week ago, McMahon celebrated his 35th birthday, and he obviously must’ve received a myriad of gifts, but the one closest to his heart, was a simple sheet of paper given to him by his daughter.

The paper reads,

Ten Things I Like About Dad

1. He plays shows that I can watch with Mikey, Zac, and Jay.

2. He takes me to do things I like – going to Santa Barbara – just me and him.

3. His hair

4. He takes me to the coffee shop to get a chocolate muffin.

5. He protects me when I am scared.

6. He spins, runs, and dances with me. He gets Doris to run with me.

7. People helped him get better when he was sick. He got special medicine from Aunt Kate.

8. He helps other people not get sick.

9. Every time I don’t know how to do something, he helps me.

10. He makes me feel happy!

Happy 35th Birthday Daddy!

Andrew captioned it

“I’ve been given a lot of birthday gifts in my 35 years and I can’t think of one that compares to this.”

We all can see why, as any person’s heart would melt with such a letter.

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