20 Utterly Butterly Topicals By Amul That Are On Point!

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20 Utterly Butterly Topicals By Amul That Are On Point!

Amul – India’s largest dairy brand promotes its products using the wittiest content. Their advertisements have  followed the same sketched pattern since 1966 and continues to impress us even today. The utterly-butterly-delicious girl plays the lead role referring to all the recent affairs.  Covering all possible topics, the ads have the best one-liners from politics to entertainment.

1. Women’s Indian Cricket Team surprises us with their performance

2. When Jagga Became the Jasoos

3. When Priyanka Chopra’s Dress got Viral

4. Wannacry Ransomware 

5. CEO of Infosys Quits!

6. When the Women’s Cricket Team’s performance got stronger!

7.When India’s PM meets the president of the USA!

8. Trump’s tweet got Viral

9. Haircut gone Viral

10. Amul loves Bahubali

11. Surgical Strike from Amul

12. Anushka and Virat are so cute!

13. Vodafone gave Idea Sirji

14. Ripped jeans banned in college!

15. Jio dhan dhana dhan!

16. RIP Alan Rickman

17. Kangana Ranaut Talks!

18. Messed up Philippines and Columbia

19. Priyanka’s first TV Show Quantico releases!

20. Catch all the Pokemons now!

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