20 Horror Short Films We Dare You To Watch At Night

20 Horror Short Films We Dare You To Watch At Night

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One thing that gets overshadowed by the glitz and glamour of the huge film industry, is the indie scene. Various short films are being made by creative minds everyday. Well these movies are really underrated, and when it comes to horror short films, perhaps this format is better. Thanks to the internet, we now can watch short movies even after their run is over at festivals. So, cutting to the chase, get your earphones ready, turn down the lights, and get ready to be unable to sleep. Here’s 20 horror short films we dare you to watch at night. Good luck falling alseep.

1. Lights Out

Inspiring a whole feature film, this movie plays on our fears of the dark.

2. I Heard It Too

After being put to bed by her mother, the girl wakes up again to her mother calling her name, but it is really her mom?

3. Charlie

Everyone’s worst nightmare, where the consequences of those ridiculous chain messages comes true.

4. Victim

Inspired by Slender Man, a boy starts to notice a tall, suited figure in the distance.

5. Mr Creak

Upon discovering a creepy old toy house, this story plays out on the rhyme of Mr Creak.

6. Bedfellows

Perhaps after watching this one, you’ll put your phone on silent at night.

7. Occupied

Public Bathrooms can be creepy AF. This short will make them even more so.

8. Tuck Me In

Another short based on the classic doppleganger conundrum, this one will surely sway your opinion about having children.

9. Sleepy Eyes

This one will definitely make you tear down all your wind chimes.

10. Shelter

This one will straight-up creep you out.

11. The Offering

If you’re gonna appease some ghosts, better do it right.

12. 2AM: The Smiling Man

You probably won’t be walking alone at night after this one.

13. The Umbrella Factory

Don’t let the animation fool you, as this short is just as horrifying as any other.

14. Up Route

You won’t want to pick up hitchhikers after you watch this film.

15. Dead Ahead

Before we head into our local segment, here’s a cutesy horror film that you will surely appreciate being on this list. This film also reference many horror classics.

16. Paroksh

You won’t know whether to laugh, or cry.

17. Hi

One thing you don’t want to be when stuck with the paranormal is alone.

18. Being

“Bhaiya bottle wala paani lau na.” is something I’ll be saying a lot since I’ve seen this movie.

19. Public Toilet

More of a poltergeist than a ghost, the entity just wants to join in on the fun.

20. Raah

Another hitchhiker based short, for this film, it’s all about the dialogue.

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