10 Places in India You Should Visit At Least Once

10 Places In India You Should Visit At Least Once!

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We only get one shot at this crazy rollercoaster that is life. Do you really want to waste away the best years of your life stuck to your phones? So get your bags, start packing, and set off on a journey to the unknown. Here’s 10 places to visit in India that could be the adventure of a lifetime.

1. Andaman

Dive deep into the seas of Andaman, a group of islands that will take your breath away. Filled with serene white-sandy beaches, beautiful rainforests, and many mangroves, if you have a knack for nature and a bit of adventure, Andaman should be next in your list.

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2. Ladakh

Every biker’s dream, riding up the winding trails of the Leh-Ladakh Highway is truly bucket-list worthy. Whether you choose to camp or live among the lovely locals, be assured you’ll sleep among the stars each night. Along with the amazing culture, there’s lot’s of adventures besides the scenic roads, like trekking, rafting, and much more.

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3. Kasol

A solo trip to Kasol, nestled in the lap of mother nature is a must if you’re looking to discover yourself. Referred to as the land of Gods, one can walk through the Parvati Valley and it’s ravishing rivers, all while your mind and soul unwind in the peacefulness.

4. Sikkim

If crowds tend to give you a bad vibe, head on over to Sikkim, the least populous state of India.
Filled with extraordinary landscapes and beautiful flora and fauna, Sikkim also hosts several monasteries. You can meditate and learn about Buddhism, meet the friendly monks and volunteer with them too!

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5. Kerala

God’s own country. Home to awe-inspiring nature, mouth-watering cuisine, and some of the best people I’ve ever met. The art and culture of this state really blew my mind. Rent a houseboat and float down the backwaters and into some good vibes.

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6. Kutch

Visiting this vast no-man’s land is definitely on my list. The skies are filled with colors during the kite festival. Also known for it’s rich culture and beautiful art, in the form of dance, crafts, and food, Kutch is truly a unique land.

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7. Goa

Finally. How could I write this article without mentioning Goa? The first place to pop up in your mind when thinking about a vacation, Goa is what’s left of a Portuguese colony that used to flourish there. Exotic beaches, lush green forests, quite the partying scene, Goa is every youngster’s paradise.

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8. Coorg

Also called the Kashmir of the South, Coorg is a tranquil district in Karnataka. Filled with flourishing green coffee plantations shrouded in mist, old-school cottages, and waterfalls, you can enjoy life’s simple pleasures in Coorg.

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9. Varanasi

Regarded as India’s ‘Spiritual Capital’, there is no shortage of temples in this small but colourful city. With plenty to do and see, and many vibrant aartis and festivals year-round, Varanasi is the perfect destination for your wanderlust.

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10. Assam

Known for its exotic wildlife, archaeological sites and lush tea plantations, Assam is sprawled along the beautiful Brahmaputra valley. Assam also has a dynamic artistic heritage, with it’s sensational dance-forms, it’s own distinctive cuisine, and many wildlife sanctuaries.

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