Class 9 Student Bullies, Slaps Classmate; Boy Loses 25% Hearing!

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Class 10 Student Bullies, Slaps Classmate; Boy Loses 25% Hearing!

Let me start by making few things very clear, Bullying or Teasing is NO LAUGHING MATTER. Period.
Why is this so difficult to understand?

Bullying in any form- verbal, psychological or physical causes immense pain and pressure on a child who suffers both physically and emotionally. Psychological experts see bullying as no less than child abuse. And yet, bullying has become an unavoidable part of growing up, given the fact that almost every child experiences it at some point or the other.

Latest in our notice is a very sad incident from a prestigious School of Noida. A Class 9 student of Pathways school was slapped so hard across the cheek by a classmate in the washroom that he has apparently lost 25 per cent of hearing power. A video of the incident that occurred on September 4 has gone viral on the social media.

In the video, the boy who was slapped is seen surrounded by some other classmates (everyone is in uniform) – one of whom is practicing his swing for a slap before landing a real hard hit on the boy’s cheek. The victim had his hands folded and even seen signaling others to give him a moment before being hit.

The entire incident was recorded in Pathways School washroom which was reportedly an attempt to create a ‘cool’ Snapchat story.

Apparently, the intended snapchat story has now become a National story; facing widespread resentment and criticism from all over the country.

The video was allegedly sent to the student’s mother by another student, following which the parents lodged a complaint with the school management of ‘bullying’. The complaint also alleged that the school authorities did not provide the student with emergency medical aid or inform them about the incident.

The school, however, said it had done an investigation and found it to be an incident of a “consensual slap-bet”.

As per the reports, no police complaint has been lodged in the matter yet.

The parents also said that the boy has stopped going to school and weeps repeatedly.

“He is not eating properly and he could not sleep after the incident. He is sick and is constantly weeping,” said the boy’s father.

Victims of bullying are often shy, physically weaker than their peers, have low self-esteem and poor social skills, which makes it hard for them to stand up for themselves. And that’s why it is very important for children to be taught the importance of standing up for others. It is a huge responsibility for both parents and the teachers to make children understand the implications of bullying.

We must act together and make sure that our children are safe at school!

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