10 Life Lessons You Learn During College!

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10 Life Lessons You Learn During College!

1. People mature.

Promises of staying in touch with the entire school group often does not work, as you stay in touch with a select few. There is an obvious difference as you move from getting to choose your school based on how much your parents could afford, to colleges choosing you based on your performance in their entrance exams. Friends grow apart and people change, as everyone work on themselves.

2. Every penny matters.

You learn the value of money as you shift from home to hostels, or even if you stay at home, you keep budgets to save money and invest in your passions. You start earning. You realise the value of money.

3. You are in your college based on how you did your high school. It is up to you how to fare now.

While you may have gotten in for your scores, everyone differs as they get out of college. You make choices during your semester which determine your future, and there is no second chance- as the world gets tougher, the choices get real.

4. Growing up is mandatory.

You transition to just-out-of-school children to adults to employable assets to organisations. You build your brand. You move on from school projects on chart papers to presentations in smart formals to adding value to things. You intern at places for free, then get your first taste at earnings and incentives, get hired, maybe venture into some business of your own, but grow up in the hard way as you try to find your place in the real world.

5. Standing on your own feet.

As you earn for your first time, do your first internship, or work for someone, you not only become independent, but also responsible. You realise what you’re capable of and what are your skills, that people can pay you for.

6. Presentation is of utmost importance.

Whether it be a last-minute essay, or an interview, looking and presenting perfectly works wonders. If putting on a formal suit or working all night on a PowerPoint can get you applause and appreciation the next morning, it is worth it.

7. Prioritizing.

Be it between choosing which class to attend and which one to bunk, to deciding on attending a function or finishing up that assignment, to working in committees without leave from the professors, deciding what is important to you makes you self-aware better than a class lecture.

8. Team Work.

You may have been “Class Monitor” or even “Head Student”, but here you learn amongst people who are equally, or smarter than you, and team work is as important as leadership here. You’ll form clubs and committees, host and participate in events, and make lots of friends and like-minded people. College gives you the last chance to create what you want, along with whom, the things you are passionate about.

9. Tough Love.

I cannot technically call it love, but you are bound to find professors hating you for no reason, calling you out or treating you unfairly, and you bearing with it. This can be your preparation for when you’ll deal with bosses in organisations- they say they are even worse. The tough love teaches you that life will treat you unfairly, and you have got to swallow the bitter pill.

10. Moulding your brand.

While you came in college as a student, you’re going to get out of it as a graduate and representative of the brand. But apart from that, the real world won’t hire you just because of a degree, but because of who you are as a person. College gives you the time and various opportunities to discover yourself- as you define who you are.

With that, we hope college is a wonderful period in your life.

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