10 Traits in You Prove That You’re a Grammar Nazi!

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10 Traits in You Prove That You're a Grammar Nazi!

Wrong Grammar is as serious as Global Warming for people who are obsessed with Grammar. It has caused controversies, breakups and much more. And, if you’ve been a part of a similar situation then these traits will prove that you’re a Grammar Nazi.

1. Arguments have led to fights because of You’re and Your

then & than, there-their-they’re, its & it’s, etc. are words creating wars. You will always correct them.

2. The Tenses of the social media updates are always correct.

When see it going wrong, your life is instantly miserable and you see your world falling apart.

3. You will always have a Wren & Martin on your bookshelf

It’s your bible. you follow Grammar as a religion. You read it, about it and refer to it every day.

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4. You will always correct the grammatical errors on articles you spot online or offline.

You will pause a conversation to correct it. Or have a detailed comment on the right usage of grammar.

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5. P-R-O-N-U-N-C-I-A-T-I-O-N is pronounced as pr-nun-ci-a-tion

The pronunciations matter to you, A LOT. And, you will always debate over it.

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6. You laugh out loud when you see a Grammar Joke


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7. The SMS language will irritate the life out of you

U cn neva mke me hpy. So neva tok 2 me again eva!

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8. You know your Vowels right

A E I O U. AN apple, A ball, AN honest man, etc. All are emphasized, always!

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9. You love Scrabble and other word games

Scrabble, Crossword, Bananagrams, Boggle and more are your best and the most favorite games.

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10. You instantly like a person when they use Punctuation Marks in their texts

Your judgmental eyes turn normal if they know where to use commas. Your wicked look will change to a genuine smile when they’ve an exclamation mark or a period right in the sentence.

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