10 Reasons Why India is The Worst Country To Live In!

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Headline padh ke aa gaye na sab tamasha dekhne? Now before you mob up and kill me, yaha tak aye ho toh article bhi padh lo. People keep praising India and for what? Read on to find out why India is the WORST country.

1. Atithi Devo Bhava

India follows this principle of ‘Guest is God’. We treat our guests better than our family. (Looking at you mom, with all those plates saved for ‘guests’) Stuck on the bad end of this stick is us kids, who end up having to share our rooms with these Gods.

2. Diversity

Be it geographical, social, or linguistic, India is diverse in every which way. So many festivals, languages, and what not to keep up with. So exhausting!

3. Culture

So many cultures, each with its own customs, traditions, festivals, and cuisine, there’s so much to experience but who has the time!?

4. Innovation

Be it scientific our our very own jugaad, Indians innovate. But why can’t Indians make stuff that doesn’t need some jugaadu every now and then?

5. Freedom

Freedom of speech, expression, etc. are all present in the constitution. (Though the exercising of such freedoms is questionable.) Who wants to live in a democracy nowadays?

6. History

A history richer than Bill Gates, Who has the time to go through all of it and appreciate all our achievements, conquests, and whatnot.

7. Tourism

With the intricate castles in the labyrinths of cities, the endless natural sceneries, and countless other destinations, India is no place for a traveller.

8. Cuisine

India has an amazing range of cuisine, each region offering something mouth-watering. Who wants to eat healthy food that’s equally tasty?

9. Art

India has lots of art, be it musical, poetic, visual. And you can see such art no matter where you go. So bland.

10. Ugliness

No words for this one. Just watch this video and see for yourself.

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Persias Tadiwala
Persias Tadiwala is a student on a journey to discover the ways of this world.