These 20 Places In India Have Really Unfortunate Names!

India is truly a very, very vast land. It is the home to hundreds and thousands cities, towns, and villages, all of them unique in their own way. One such aspect of uniqueness lies in the names of these locations. A name can tell you a lot about a place, such as its history and culture. But then there exist a few places, with names that are just downright unlucky and can lead to embarrassing situations if someone who hails from that place is asked about his hometown. Curious to know what places in India have such names, are you? Here are 20 places in India with unfortunate names.


Starting off strong, Bhosari is a locality in Pune, where are all my ‘Bhosariwale’ at? : P


Situated in Jharkhand, no, you’re not going to get free booze here.


This one is in “apnu Gujarat”. Probably where our parents are telling us to go whenever they call us so.


Ah, Bihar. You’ll be seeing a few more places from this lovely state on this list. 🙂


Behen ka nahi. Rajasthan ka.


Where all of us would be if we took our friends words of “Bhad mai jau” seriously.


Just like with people, there are a quite a few places with this name.


So would people coming from this town be called ‘Suar ke aulad’?


Somewhere, someplace Kareena Kapoor is proudly smiling.


Taking bad luck to a whole other level


I wonder what conversation the people who came up with this name were having. Must have been confusing xD


Kameena. Tera Khoo- oh wait, this is actually the name of a place in Karnataka.


When someone follows through on #11, you come here for a replacement.


PS. We do not endorse racism.


With ghastly stories surrounding this place, you’ll surely be drinking some to fall asleep easier.


Haa bhabua ye bhi Bihar ki jagah hai.


How ironic is it that Bhainsa is located next to a water body?


Here’s to trying new things I guess. 😛


An ironic name for a place like Bihar, this is the last Bihari place, I promise.


Where all my friends hang out. -.-

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