10 Overrated Bollywood Movies That Are Too Hard To Tolerate!

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10 Overrated Bollywood Movies Too Hard To Tolerate!

Have you been in a situation where you’ve heard a movie turning into a blockbuster but when you go to watch it, you’ll be like “What is so special about this movie?” If yes, then join the club. Because, we regret spending our money, time and popcorn on the following films which have crossed more than 20cr and we still wonder why and how?

1. Tees Maar Khan

When Akshay and Katrina’s overacting was annoying AF!

2.3 Idiots

When the baby only kicked when you said All is Well

3. Dhoom 3

No Aamir no. The idea of Circus revenge was lame!

4. Chennai Express

The stunts were too much to take.

5. Ready

We were not ready for Ready.


Too basic to have it create a hype.

7. Ra One

Good Visual Effects but all that glitters is not gold!

8. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Ranbir Kapoor is literally calling us to kill him for crying so much in the movie.

9. Krrish

Nice try, but please let’s get out!

10. Student of the Year

Ishq wala love? Seriously?

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  1. You really need to revisit the list and especially the heading. 3 Idiots was not an overrated movie, maybe you could.t understand it but that doesn’t change the facts of similar things happening in the engineering college. Then SOTY became famous because it is one of the few movie in bollywood (under big banner and young cast) which portrayed the love-hate life in a school (this subject is rarely touched in India, it is always neglected). Coming on to Krrish, it might be the first big budget attempt at superhero movie and people know to appreciate the efforts. The story of Ae dil hai mushkil is clichéd, I know, but the acting was good and other than few TV shows in India, which don’t have that large fan following, the story of betrayal and death have not been attempted on big screens. Chennai Express and Ready were meant to be funny and light- hearted including overacting, which they delivered appropriately and hence got good response.
    BTW nothing is hard to tolerate… And nothing is overrated… I tdepends only on the personal bias and choices

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