10 Reasons Why Mumbai Is The Best City To Live In!

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Mumbai is a city of dreams. A city once lived in, you can’t get over it. Everything about this metro city is overwhelming. It makes you sink emotionally and mentally and here’s why, it’s the best city you could ever live in.

1. Despite of it being jam-packed, commuting within the city is easy and flexible

Being the most populated city of India, the streets are crowded and travelling from one end to the other takes time and money. But, there’s always an easy and cheaper way to through it. There are local trains for longer distances. They go to every major area. There’s BEST bus to reach the nearest destination or the taxi and autowalas that take you on a roller-coaster ride for shorter distances.

2. The most warmhearted people live in the most snobbish city

The city is crowded with the most generous people you will ever meet. People share cabs, lend you a few bucks of you’re out of change or will guide you if lost. They’ll share their packet of biscuit if you sit next to them in the train/bus or offer water if the humid climate has exhausted you. Sometimes, smile or just greet and interact when you’re on your way to work.

3. The Sea is your best friend

The city teaches you to spend time with yourself. You’ll never be bored if you’re in Mumbai. There are tons of things that will consume every hour of your day. If staying alone is eating you, sit by the sea. It has the power to absorb the negativity. One hour there and you’ll go home smiling.

4. Amazes you with activities that involve arts and entertainment at the cheapest price

Mumbai digs your pocket deep. It’s expensive and month end expenses become unaffordable. So, if movies are chucked out of the list, there are plays that entertain you for less than 100 bucks. Some LIVE shows and musical evenings on the street are free of cost.

5. Mumbai—The Paris of India

The city is every shopper’s delight. If you live there, you will in style. Fashion starts from the roots of Mumbai. Right from high end designers, huge malls to street shopping, here’s everything this city can offer. From trends spotted in movies to traditional styles of different regions, Mumbai is a fashion hub for every individual.

6. Night Life to die for

Work hard to party hard! The city of dreams has countless options to kill time for a night-owl. From Clubs to pubs to public places, the city has every corner for every second you breathe. Take a walk/drive at Marine drive at 3 am or get high on music at the local clubs and pubs. Mumbai’s nigh life is full of enthusiasm and love.

7. The busy lifestyle gives you the power to get over everything and move on

Mumbai has a very fast life. You have the liberty to live the way you want to. People are open to things and are busy 24 hours in their lives. They have the power to overcome everything and move on. The lifestyle keeps you on your toes all the time. Then be it flooded roads or a terrorist attack; nothing puts a pause on them from living and continuing with the routine.

8. Monsoon is Magic

Mumbai and Monsoon go hand in hand.You haven’t lived Mumbai if you haven’t experienced Monsoon there. It connects emotionally to people of the city. Be it books, movies or social media, Mumbai Monsoon trends everywhere. And, despite of the traffic and the flooded roads, people cherish and live the season to the most.

9. Dreams and Opportunities come true here

Starting from Arts to IT, Mumbai is the financial capital of India. The world is competitive but there are endless opportunities for everyone. The city gives an opportunity to dream and fulfil it. Then whether you’re an aspiring actor and or a dancer at heart, the city lets you live your passion.

10. Home to the biggest movie industry

The birth of Bollywood happened in Mumbai. The city is home for the biggest celebrities today. You will spot them randomly chilling at any place, at any point of time. You’ll get to see Salman cycling, Amitabh waving and some of them chilling very randomly. A lot of times they casually interact with you when they see you excited or staring at them.

10 Reasons Why Mumbai Is The Best City To Live In!

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