10 Habits You Can Relate To If You Think You Have OCD!

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10 Habits You Can Relate To If You Think You Have OCD!

“Sorry, I can’t meet because I’m too busy arranging things shade wise, alphabetically!”

1. Washing your hand just once is not enough. It has to be every hour, twice and thrice.

Cleaning your hands, covering your feet with socks even if you are at home, scrubbing walls or wiping windows. Everything needs to be washed multiple times.

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2. There’s no sleep till you have checked your locks 10 times. Security matters a lot to you.

You know you’ve locked all your doors again and again. But the habit of constantly fidgeting with it is hard to get rid of. And, you won’t sleep till you’re not done checking it 10-15 times.

3. You need perfection in everything. A little here and there won’t work. It just won’t!

Be it measurements on a paper, a wardrobe full of clothes, a rack of shoes or a shelf of books, you need perfection in everything around you.

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4. Cleanliness is a must. A little bit of dirt and you’ll leave your ongoing work immediately and clean it all.

You want your surroundings to be squeaky clean. You can’t stand wet floors in the bathroom or dirt on the shoes or a bit of dust on the desk.

5. Over-thinking is your thing. And, you rebel every time you hear “Don’t think about it much. It doesn’t matter!”

The most smallest thing in your head will make you rethink again and again. “Did the parcel reach on time? If not, then why did it take so much time? Who must have received it?”

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6. You want things to be done your way and right. So, you make sure everything is under your control.

Be it a game or a preparation for a party, everything needs to be done right and your way.

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7. This is normal for others but not for us. It’s a nightmare for us!

The box has to have sharp edges, the circle should have the complete curve, the lines showed be crossed correctly. It’s a very, very big deal for us!

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8. You always have that one side of the bed. You don’t get sleep if you have to change it.

“Please sleep on that side of the bed because this is mine!”, “This is my spot.” etc. It’s always your side. You can’t adjust and if you do, you can’t sleep.

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9. People around you are normal about you getting panic attacks

“I’m freaking out! I’m freaking out. I’m totally freaking out!” *screaming it loud!*

10. You need a systematic order in everything. Be it a small thing like a set of nail paints, books or clothes in your wardrobe.

Remember Monica’s wedding book arranged alphabetically and then geographically? Yes, that’s the kind of systematic work you need.

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