10 Reasons Why Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2 Didn’t Live Upto Our Expectations!

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10 Reasons Why Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2 Didn't Live Upto Our Expectations!

“Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai 2” na saru laagyu? Amne pan nai! Puns apart, this season was as funny as my lame attempt at the pun above (did you find the humour yet?) Be it the high bar set by season 1, or the change in audience, change in format, the series which had achieved a cult-like status found its viewers not even finishing the season anymore. Here are 10 reasons why we found the season plain annoying:

1. Hein?

Wo aawaz abhi tak kaan mein goonj rahi hai yaar! While in season 1 we used to laugh when he couldn’t hear anything but misheard everything, it became so frequent in season 2 that we were literally done with it! *googling hearing aids*

2. The sets!

Somehow, we had gotten used to the flats in season 1, and especially Maya’s “upper middle class open kitchen”! Although the homes have gotten grander, we miss the old ones now.

3. Rosesh ki poems.

They were HILARIOUS in season 1- the perfect blend of innocence and humor! In season 2, not only have they turned cringeworthy, but also unfunny! And increasing its frequency doesn’t help either!

4. No “Indravadan-ness” anymore!

Maybe we’ve gotten used to the scheming characters from so many soaps, but the amicable “Shakuni mama” of Sarabhai has mellowed down now! Now his sarcasm just seems like an annoyed person ranting- did the age take its toll, old man?

5. Forced ads IN the show!

We understood why Hotstar had to show them ever-so-frequently, but if you’re placing them in the show, atleast make some sense? We get it when Monisha uses the phone because it’s cheap and has a nice camera, but how on earth does the upper-middle class Maya Sarabhai shift to the Chinese phone?

6. The voice-overs.

We followed the plot perfectly in season 1, Sahil Sarabhai. No need for your commentary and voice-overs during the entire show. And also, the constant shifting of the time frame from “then” to “now” was a buzzkill.

7. Monisha badal gayi!

We miss her middle class looks and deeds now! Season 2 has Monisha looking as fashionable as Maya (though the latter shall never admit it), and her middle class harketein are plain unbelievable now! Who makes roti on a DVD player? And tell me, who bathes their son in the water left from boiling vegetables?

8. No comedy!

We’re ready to tolerate it all, if there was humour in the series. We did tolerate it all- that’s what I call watching the new season! But if you take comedy out of the Sarabhais and give us a long-dragging pointless storyline, too many bad jokes (which are double-meaning too btw!), and no incentives whatsoever, why would anyone watch it?

9. Ornob Sarabhai.

He’s a Sarabhai- ofcourse we have high expectations from him! But apart from imitating both his mom and dadi and those occasional dialogues, he doesn’t contribute in any manner to the show. Period.

10. Too much milking of what worked.

I think I’ve found the reason to why the second season didn’t work- because of all the reasons the first one did! Put too many puns, bad poems, “heh?”s, characters, sarcasm, and what do you get? Still not enough humour to run a show! Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai, take a bow and get back to your seat now.

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  1. You’re exactly right. It was too much of the stuff we used to love.
    Anything in moderation is good but after a point it gets annoying.
    I couldn’t even finish the 3rd episode

  2. Initial episodes were boring but later on they did catchup well. Episode no. 5 onwards it was getting good. But unfortunately it ended up by only 10 episodes. That was disappointing. They should have continued.

  3. Watever it may be bt sara Vs Sara is the best comedy series ever made after shriman shrimat plzz plzz restart

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