Shashi Tharoor Was Asked Where India Would Be Without The British, His Reply Will Make Your Day!

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Shashi Tharoor Was Asked Where India Would Be Without The British, His Reply Will Make Your Day!

We all know Shashi Tharoor, politician, diplomat, expert at calling out the brits for their innumerable damage to India during the Colonial times, and master of sass.

He made the headlines a while ago, when at the Oxford Union Debate, he called out Britain in an amazingly well delivered speech.

Last week, he was on the panel of a Q&A session of news channel, ABC TV, where world politics was being discussed.

Kevin Pieterson, an Indian origin Australian, asked Tharoor a question towards the end of the show, pertaining to the colonial rule.

He further questioned,

“You mentioned that Britain left India in a worse off condition than had it been without Britain. You also mentioned about reparations from Britain. What about the skills in engineering and manufacturing India acquired, the administrative and democratic processes it inherited, the infrastructure left behind, and most of all the rapid education of the Indian people of which you are an excellent example.”

“In your opinion, where would India be today if the British did not step into India?”

Tharoor showed us all why he’s the best at criticizing the Colonial Rule. Also he backed his statements with facts, proving that he’s always prepared to debate for this specific agenda.

In less than 90 seconds, he gave Kevin a more than satisfactory answer, perhaps even changing Kevin’s views.


You can watch Mr. Tharoor answer Kevin’s question in the video below.

Keep slaying, Mr. Tharoor, Keep slaying.

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