10 Reasons Why Chai Is Overrated AF!

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10 Reasons Why Chai Is Overrated AF!

Before you get your panties in a twist over the title, slow down and read this article. Chai is known and loved all over India, and the smell of freshly made tea wafts through every household each morning, nudging us to get up. Below is a list of reasons why chai is overrated.


Tea is very healthy, with a number of health benefits, who even wants that!?


Chai is such a slut, it goes with everything. Pakoda, biscuit, cakes, sutta.


Why would anyone want to drink anything other than alcohol to warm you up in the winters? Why does chai even try.


What world do we live in where even a chaiwala can become PM?


Just look at how the entire nation runs on tea, how did we let ourselves become addicted to it?


What sort of student needs the ultimate savior for those long nights before the exam?


Why do people drink tea, when we have the costlier and harmful option of coffee?


Who in their right mind would drink chai when far away from home, chai that reminds them of apna ghar? Kitna emotional banega re chai?


When there’s modern medicine, why would anyone choose from the myriad of teas that help with different ailments.

PS: This article was completely sarcastic. If you didn’t get it, jao pogo dekho. As for the rest of you, let’s rejoice for the greatness that is Chai.

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