5 Salads To Try At Basil Garden (Surat) Right Away

5 Salads To Try At Basil Garden (Surat) Right Away

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Richie Rich Surat’s oldest pioneers of the food industry have never failed to surprise us. Be it about the softy ice cream culture in the 90s, the regular Roti Subzi, the lunch packs at affordable prices or about the midnight cravings at 3 am, Richie Rich has been our well wisher in terms of food and has done it all.

The four storey property at Parle Point now has Basil Garden on the 4th Floor. Where you vouch for new things in the city, knowing that the heat is roasting  each one of us these days, the idea of devouring some real light food is always a good idea. At Basil Garden, the menu categorises 5 cost friendly salads with fruits and vegetables.

1. Quinoa

A combination of tomatoes, green onions and quinoa coated with a pinch of salt and whisked in 1 teaspoon oil is garnished with nuts on the top

2. Cous Cous

Ground oats mixed well with a pinch of salt and nuts

3. Frittata with Smoked Bell Pepper Coulis

Salad Bowl with an abundance of assorted lettuce, gram flour pancake & french beans tossed with a smoked pepper coulis & garnished with toasted almond flakes

4. Thai Raw Papaya

The famous Thai raw straws mixed with a glass noodles and scallions and finished with a sweet & chilli dressing.

5. Apple & Melon

Melange of green and red apples combined with musk melon, grapes & raisin- ginger dressing
This Air Conditioned Roof Top Café covered with Fresh Basil Leaves settles you down with comfortable couches and soothing music. With an ambiance that walls you away from the hustle and bustle of the main road serves food prepared right in front of you at the LIVE Counter. Celebrate Karaoke Nights, birthdays, anniversaries or just visit to read a book or play board games. With rates that are totally pocket friendly, am evening spent there is absolutely magical.


Basil Garden, Richie Rich Building, Dumas Road, Parle Point, Surat, Gujarat

Contact number: 0261-2253899, 0261-2253799

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